Vincent Ritter


My apps for iOS and Android.

These are some of the apps I've crafted. Enjoy them as much I love working on them.

If you need support, contact me here via email.

Gluon for

  • iOS & Android App

Gluon is a cross platform iOS and Android app designed for


Gluon is a cross platform iOS and Android app designed for

The app is still in development!

There is a public TestFlight beta now available and you can open this on your phone:

It's a work in progress, so check out all the posts to keep up to date. Updates are coming as I go, so be sure to check out the dedicated section on my site with all posts related to Gluon development.

There is a public Trello board up too, so you can see what works, what doesn't, what is planned and what bugs people have reported. Link here:

    Sleepy Eyes

    • iOS App

    A beautiful white noise app for baby and you.


    A selection of personally tried and tested white noises that may help you and/or your baby to sleep. Trust me, it works on me just testing the app.

    • 10 carefully selected sounds.
    • Easy to reach controls for when your little one is causing mayhem or if you're extra sleepy. No thumbling around with delicate controls.
    • Beautiful and simple design.
    • A sleep timer to suit all your needs.
    • Beautiful and big icons to show your little one.
    • Keep the sound playing even when looking around the app. (Yes, some apps don't do it!)
    • No in-app purchases, just a great app at an amazing price with ongoing support.

    Featuring sound icons by Tom Declat, nice!

    Potion Bakery

    • iOS iMessage Sticker Pack

    Two cats and her owner are on a mission.


    Introducing 40 magical, beautiful and unique stickers from the Potion Bakery featuring two cats and their owner. Drawn by FPM, yah, she's awesome!