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Posts about whatever is on my mind at the time regarding my projects and perhaps some specific topics. Can be updates, release notes and many others.

Note: Some older posts are no longer available. Thanks for understanding ✌️

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I started a new informal blog about some code stuff. Basically things I find useful, or find, whilst working on my projects β€” mainly for me to search for stuff later on in life when I forget. Good for "behind the scenes".

Vincent is Coding.

It's a new domain, so might not resolve just yet 😬

"But they can't stop. They're a public company. If they're not growing enough it means they're failing. Forget that they make amazing products that can last decades with no issues. Forget that they're an almost 3-fucking-trillions dollar company. If they're not growing enough, stock goes down and that's no good. Because remember, there's no finish line here. They can't just be happy with their size."

β€” Growth is a mind cancer by Manu

Drank a beer and bought 2 domain names. So I don't know if that's a problem with alcohol or domain names 🤷‍♂️

Don't want to say too much yet, but I am planning a monthly automatic archive, downloadable as CSV, for statistics in Tinylytics for paid plans. That means you'll always have that raw data available, and you can do what you need with it. Especially if you subscribe and then cancel. Data is yours!

I do pay for X but hardly post to it. Would really love an easy way to just cross-post there, especially updates like these β€” because I blog first. was perfect for this but we all know that X has been a little silly here. Probably have to build my own I guess 😕

This morning I also added initial support for to Scribbles. It works pretty great with just the default embed and I added my own opinionated styles β€” but you can override that of course. Still a bit more to do here. Find it under "Statuslog & Shoutouts" in your blog settings.

A few weeks ago I rewrote the whole routing logic for blogs on Scribbles. Super proud of what I did and even redirects if you landed on an old Scribbles based URL... but I never wrote about it. Long story short... really happy with the way that works now. So good.

Added support for to Scribbles. Just head on over to your blog settings and add your "address" in the " & shoutouts" section. Shoutouts will come next week I reckon. Both will show in the footer.

Over the past week, I got a few requests about better handling image metadata, especially preserving colour space and the profile, so those images really pop and look great... and as intended.

β€” Image metadata on the Scribbles Update Blog.

If you see this post on a social channel, please let me know (experimenting) ✌️

Well, I guess that settles the "let's quit the app store". No way am I in any position to publicly show my address and phone number πŸ˜•

Rewatching Westworld 📺

"Saying that, I covered in my last post about pricing that I will be introducing a discounted yearly closer to launch. That time is today."

β€” An update on pricing and introducing a yearly on the Scribbles Update Blog

It's time ✌️❀️

"During the weekend I added the ability to surface unique hit data, or as some call it, unique sessions."

β€” Unique hits data on the Tinylytics Update Blog

And to say it again... I finally added unique session/hits data to the dashboard 😋

Still experimental, but if you have unique hits enabled in Tinylytics, it will now surface this data next to the main hit counter. More to do here of course, but a good first step. This also works across date and path filters.

A site hit counter, showing 1810 hits with 975 unique hits next to it.

Scribbles Explore is now available for anyone, no matter if you have an account or not. This was by design at the start, just so I could gauge how it will look like. Have a look and see what people are writing about πŸ˜€

~4 hours use from full. Maybe 1 hour total phone time. 35% battery left.

Also wish the Apple Watch battery would last longer. We used to be able to send people to the moon, lost that ability because of laziness and politics, and we didn’t solve the battery problem yet 🤷‍♂️ 😋 Maybe AI will solve it for us. Bound to 😬🤣

And following on from that, I wish I could just order a new battery and replace it. It’s dumb I have to bring it in for service. Imagine playing a video game and the controller doesn’t hold a charge anymore and you have to send it away. Silly.

The battery in my pocket computer is getting a little old now. Under 80% capacity. When I was in hospital the other day, it started at full charge and only a few hours later, whilst keeping my wife updated, it was already below 20% without much use. Enough to hail a taxi and make it home at 1AM.

I always had this idea in my head about the Polish health system, but yesterday I experienced it first hand and I am impressed even if language was a barrier. Whilst I don’t recommend it, I think this is the best experience I had. Everyone was so super friendly and extremely helpful.

We interrupt this program for unscheduled body maintenance 🤷‍♂️

Happy Laravel 11 release day. Just blows my mind! It's a very attractive framework!

What's surprised me so much with working on Scribbles is that I learned a lot of new things (still do). Which makes me happy because I can use all this and bring it back into Tinylytics and Shoutouts β€” not to mention all my other plans. Love it a lot.

This is how I designed the last database table, and some logic, for the domain feature for Scribbles 😬

A scribble of a domains database table showing different properties that need to be added with some minor logic on what happens after it is created or destroyed.