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Gluon for - Android Alpha Release

It's time to "alpha" release Gluon for Android... it's taking me longer than I hoped, however it's finally here for you to test.

The app is still a very work in progress for Android and I'm expecting loads of bugs and issues. There are many things still to work on to bring it in line with the iOS version. However, as of this moment, they both contain the same features across both platforms.

As my previous release, there is the same public board (via Trello) that allows you to see the progress and bugs:

You'll need Oreo (Android 8.1) or higher and I will only support the app on the most recent version of Android. I know about "Pie" and this is the version I'm actively developing against.

Some glaring issues for Android that I'm aware of already, as I didn't implement these yet:

  • Launch screen is blank.
  • App icon not "round".
  • Login - you probably have to use your app token instead of using the link provided in the email, due to universal app linking. TBC.
  • Tested on Pixel 2 only and will only support the latest official Android builds.
  • This app is "alpha".

That's it I think. Knowing the above:

There won't be a public sign up, you will have to email me if you want to test it on Android. So, if you're interested: Update: Note that you'll have to provide me with the email you use for the Play Store.

Please do allow me a day or so to add you to the "alpha" list.

I'm going to keep an eye on how much, and quality of, feedback I receive from the Android community regarding Gluon. This will ultimately decide if it's worth for me to keep pursuing the platform. It's new for me and I'd like to make it work.

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