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Gluon for

An app for both iOS and Android, built on React Native, for

Gluon is a highly opinionated, but customisable, cross platform app for Android and iOS for

If you’d like to find out more, please visit the Gluon website. Or keep scrolling to read the development blog.

With Gluon, you can do the following:

* Posting is available for hosted sites only. Posting to third-party blogs is coming soon.

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Submitted another TestFlight build for Gluon. Includes some new experimental icons. That's it. That's all the news.


Oh, and some extras I guess, but not too important 😜

For Gluon, I'll be tidying up the profile pages a little and might just sync up the timeline filter with the options set on - although I think that's a bad idea for now (because ideally I need to tidy up feed fetching). Then leave it at that.

I'm fighting old code that I rewrote 100% for the official apps...

Adding profile pinning to Gluon in the next beta. Basically you can pin any profile you want to keep track of in a dedicated section, without having to, for example, follow them. Here is a quick video:

Here's a quick demo of pinned topics (in general) and also the combined view. It's super fast as Gluon fetches the feeds remotely and caches them.

Approaching 4AM... woohoo! Love it. Updated Gluon iOS beta incoming... soon/today (Sunday).

Whilst I waited for the bread to bake... I super charged the Discover feeds in Gluon 😬 Also it's now possible to have a combined feed for any pinned topics you might have. Hope to have that all ready for the next beta.

Don’t forget you can add mute filters in Gluon, like:

Soccer, Football, ⚽️


Sorry if push notifications aren’t working in Gluon today. The certificate ran out, because Apple is an abnormal company that never heard of API keys.

That was fast! Gluon T-Shirts 😍 Stoked. Most likely will tweak the size one day as an alternate, but this is super great.

Updated the Gluon website to show a little "FYI" message regarding heavy load on at the moment. Gluon might not work as intended.

If you're using Gluon, and things seem slow, I profoundly apologise for this. To check the status on, please head on over to the status page. Gluon will also have a link to this in settings when it notices an issue.

Gluon usage has more than tripled over the past 45 days. This makes me happy and super energised ❤️

Thank you to everyone that came across it and gave it a chance. It really means a lot!

To help fund app development, I am opening up spots for the promoted content (at the top of Discover) in Gluon. Details are here if you're interested. Also flexible if you want to do a one time donation of your choosing.

Just shipped a new iOS TestFlight for Gluon. If you were previously on the beta list, you should see it. If you like when things break, or you feel "this is totally abandoned because June was last freakin' century!", then please come and join!

If you're using Gluon, I am still running the "Welcome to" promoted content for another few days.