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Gluon for

An app for both iOS and Android, built on React Native, for

If you’d like to join the iOS TestFlight beta you can use this link. If you’d like to test the Android version, please email me: [email protected]

With Gluon, you can do the following:

  • View your timeline, mentions and favourites.
  • Reply or post* to and also set favourites.
  • Discover the discovery feed including all the “emoji” tagged discover sections.
  • Search users or posts on
  • View user profiles and follow, or, unfollow.
  • Add multiple accounts to the app, if you have more.
  • Customise the app from theme, font, accent colours and more.
  • And much more.

* Posting is available for hosted sites only during beta.

I just pushed out a bigger update to Gluon. I re-wrote the theme logic which also enables auto theme switching (iOS only for the short moment) depending on the OS. Still has a few minor issues, but really happy with the result so far.

Happy I took the time today to work on that as it opens up a few doors for future expansion, without the headache.

Out for iOS TestFlight and Android Internal Test Track. outage - Gluon affected [Updated]

UPDATE: is back in action! All systems go 🥳

Looks like there are a few errors on today. This means that Gluon will have problems grabbing the latests feeds. Also affected is replying and posting and others. Not affected are hosted sites, as far as I can tell.

For now, this is what currently works:

  • Sign in with a known token - if you know it you can get in, but nothing else.
  • Get yours and others user profile
  • Get your favourites

I’ll post an update as soon as I notice it being back up.

I’m thinking of implementing some sort of status check in Gluon to handle these very rare circumstances… at the moment there is nothing and it silently fails. Room for improvement!

Gluon, for Android, now available as a public beta

I’m happy to announce that Gluon is available as a public beta for Android. It was about time to get it out without having to email me for an invite. The Android version, as it stands, has feature parity with the iOS version (except push). Considering the iOS version is available via TestFlight it’s only fair to go ahead and do the same for Android.

Saying that, it’s far from finished, but I’m in really no rush to ship - it’s just how I work and I rather not rush things.

For the moment Android still lacks push notifications, this is a limitation with at this moment and something I hope will be addressed soon.

Anyway, here is the link:

If there is anything just give me a shout and I’m happy to look at it for you.

Whilst Android is a much smaller target market, I really really appreciate all the great feedback from you all! It just shows me what a great community we have at!

Gluon for Android - new build available… finally!

I’m happy to say that the new build for Android is now available.

This brings the app to the same state as iOS with a few specific tweaks to work around the differences between the platforms.

It’s not perfect and I already found a few issues, but they’re not deal breakers!

I’ll be emailing everyone, that emailed me, with a new link.

Due to some early mistakes, I had to create a new app on the Play Store, which can be confusing. Please uninstall the old app, if you’re running it, before installing the new one. I also renamed the old one and added a big “[DEPRECTAED]”.

Anyway, I’m happy the way it works now and it clears a way for the future release.

Also note that the app is now on an “internal test track” which means that updates will come pretty much instantly… however I can only invite 100 testers to this.

After all day of going back to previous working builds of Gluon… I finally found the issue. However, I don’t understand why it happened… there must have been some weird character or some spacing issue in the code that I, and the code editor, didn’t see.

So, that’s two weeks of pondering, two evenings this week and 7 hours today to fix the issue. Sometimes development is weird and comes down to probably just one little character. The worst part was that the changes worked initially, but then didn’t the next day. Maybe something was cached.

Happy to report that it’s working on both platforms now nicely. I pushed out an update to the iOS version that includes under the hood changes. Android can now progress, finally, and I’m happy that I managed to update the core project nicely.

I’m planning to launch Android from scratch, which means a new link and also a new store version. The reason for that is simple… I made a typo in version numbers but I can’t un-see it and I can’t correct it either, because Google Play Store will complain.