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Gluon - Android update

The past few weeks I took time to look at all my options with getting Gluon back on Android.

I wasn't happy at the end of last year on the whole process of developing the app with React Native... Starting from scratch with the bare minimum that is required to get the app running has been a breath of fresh air.

The app size went from ~27MB down to around 3 - 6MB depending on the device. On top, performance has been improved by some crazy number. I managed to remove all the bottle necks that crippled the earlier builds. I'm happy with this.

Also, when I first set it up it added CRAZY amounts of permissions that it wanted access to out of the box. If you noticed that in the Play Store listing then you know what I'm talking about. No more!

Saying that, I have a working build... unfortunately I'm having problems with the production build to run on a new device. Because... don't know!

I'll be starting a new round of "internal testing" in a few weeks, so if you'd like to get back onto the list please please please let me know as I'm starting fresh.

On top, I managed to add support for Android 7.1 upwards and have tested it all the way down to API 25.

Here are some screenshots of the build in action, enjoy them.

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