Vincent Ritter

šŸŽ™ #21 - It's a Sublime Ads kinda week. Project plan for the holidays.

Abstract Development

This episode is full of self promotion. Hooray!

I start with motivation to restart my writing process when I'm working on a personal project.

Then I go ahead and blurb about Sublime Ads for most of it. So if you're interested you can see what it's about in the link below. Mainly talking about my latest changes and getting it ready for a public release. Super happy that a few folks are already using it. Certainly need to work on more documentation, although early feedback has been good!

Billing is boring. Probably chose the wrong domain name...

Video tutorials anyone?

Slowing down client work, even more is a must.

Then I mention that THIS year I wrote about slowing down... but because 2020 was a time warp it ends up I wrote it 2 years ago... pfff.

I hate the word "marketing" website... but I don't know a better way to describe it.

Should I live stream a frontend build??? Would be kinda fun.

A failed episode that I recorded, so I decide to mention it.

Do some stuff for yourself, it's important... even if you work for the "man".


Duration: 00:14:17