Vincent Ritter

šŸŽ™ #24 - Sublime Ads, ready to launch. HEY for work. Gluon.

Abstract Development

Hello everyone, a new episode for you enjoyment. I cover being on the mend after nearly two weeks of being ill. I missed my exercising routing, so it's good to be back.

On February 1st, 2021 I am planning to launch Sublime Ads to for general sign up, after nearly a year of development. I was bed bound, so I worked on it to polish a few things.

HEY for Work has infiltrated my mind and I am hooked! A tiny little review on why it's helping me.

A new version of Gluon is teased, but nothing concrete just yet.

SwiftUI woes... Gluon will stay on React Native for this next version... because the documentation for SwiftUI basically doesn't exist.

Continuing that, I dream of being "Accepted" for a job at Apple to get that documentation sorted.

Recorded January 29th, 2021.


00:00 - 01:26: Recovering, exercising.
01:26 - 07:06: Sublime Ads, getting it ready.
07:06 - 09:11: HEY for Work - email
09:11 - 10:24: Gluon update
10:24 - 11:14: SwiftUI documentation???
11:13 - END: Bye


Duration: 00:11:29