Vincent Ritter

šŸŽ™ #25 - It's launch day for Sublime Ads

Abstract Development

Today is the day I finally release Sublime Ads for general sign up, so everyone can use it. I'm not expecting much however it's nice to formally allow anyone to register.

My mind was racing about changes that I wanted to make, but I'm holding myself back.

Is required two factor authentication set up too much for just getting people through the door? I'm torn.

I mention that this is a MVP and that I'm not stopping there of course.

I tease a few features planned already, because I want to use it in Gluon.

Recorded Feb 1st, 2021.


00:00 - 01:15: Hello & Intro
01:15 - 02:45: Head is racing, changing 2 factor requirement?
02:45 - 03:07: Breakfast, press a few buttons
03:07 - 06:00: This is only step one. Teasing future features...
06:00 - END: Gonna head home, get the show on the road!


Duration: 00:06:45