Vincent Ritter

šŸŽ™ #30 - Managing time... not.

This is episode 30, which means... nothing really. However, I did get myself a dedicated microphone. So this is the first test for that. Don't mind the fan noise... it's keeping me cool!

Then I ramble on about some client work that didn't go so well, but we all moved on and made things better.

Which brings me to a segment on how I manage my time, or don't actually. Yes, I'm weird... but it works for me. Perhaps it'll work for you.

And no... no "watch buzz" was heard!

Recorded using the Blue Yeti X, without reading the manual, using GarageBand. Exported to WAV and edited in Fission.

Recorded June 21st, 2021.


Duration: 00:09:41

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