Vincent Ritter

πŸŽ™ #38 - Torn.

Wait… this is not episode 36… it’s 38.

Ah yes, the world is an interesting place... and so is developing for the big bullies with native apps. So I am torn if I should continue with it. Is it worth it? Probably not...

"Safetyism"... no thank you!

I move onto working on the for Android app and enjoying working with Manton on it.

I reveal my word of the year...

To finish I give a quick update on Sublime Ads, now that we passed 1 year since launch.

Oh and we have a bit of ambient sound of rain in the background, so if I sound weird... it was raining in my podcast studio.

Thanks for listening.

Recorded February, 7th 2022.


Duration: 00:15:12

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