Vincent Ritter

Sublime Ads: Introducing image resizing

I'm happy to release support for "on the fly" image resizing for Sublime Ads, thanks in part to our CDN provider Bunny CDN.

We've been using this for just over a week now for embeds and it has worked a treat.

Image resizing allows you to grab any size you need for your images so they will better fit within your app, site or service without sacrificing the original image quality.

The resized images are cached and stored on the CDN, and are globally available in an instant, and it couldn't be any easier.

At the moment we support "width", "height" and "quality" to be set via the embed API and integration and also through the API.

If you use our embed script we automatically resize the image to 300px wide with a quality of 95%, if no options are set. You can see all the extra options here in our documentation. There is an option to disable it also.

If you're using our API endpoints you can also request to return the correct URL for your image resizing options without having to do anything special client-side. You can check out the documentation here for all the options. You can pass in these options on any API endpoint and your image URLs will always return the correct data.

Really excited to have this officially out now.

Happy resizing.

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