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Sublime Ads

A privacy focused ad management service for your apps, websites and others.

Sublime Ads is a platform to allow you to manage and serve your very own ads in your own apps, on your websites, or other services using a simple API, or a lightweight drop-in JS script. You are in complete control on what you want to show, and how.

Everything is in one place and is easy to manage, no need to write your own custom solution. On top, Sublime Ads is privacy conscious to you and your users. Only taps/clicks will be registered for served ads and nothing else (can also be disabled per ad). I also don't use any tracking for the web application and other things, just like the internet is supposed to be.

Launched early 2021 as an MVP product to satisfy my very own needs as a developer with multiple apps and sites.

Visit the website here.

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This morning, I have added the ability to filter your ads, on Sublime Ads, by their status. Find it on your ads overview screen. Real simple and effective. It will also remember what you last set.

Oh don’t mind me @maique

Sublime Ads - Schedule an ad

Ah yes, if there was only a way you could schedule your ads on Sublime Ads. Now that would be super nice. Wouldn't it?

Well... wait no more... because it's here! 🥳


When you create, or edit, an ad you now have the option to schedule them to your needs. Or, optionally, you can ignore it...

Now you have an option to add a start and/or end date, however you like it:

This is extremely useful if you want an ad to run at specific times, for example for a paid sponsorship that only lasts 1 week or a month, or whatever else.

There are a few options for you, so you don't have to worry about setting both a start and end date. It's really up to you.

You can set a start date, with no end date, which will start displaying the ad on that day. Or vice versa with an end date, where it will stop showing on that date.

You can also just leave it blank, to have an always running ad... just like you're used to.

If your ad is scheduled you now also see this in your ad list, by using new status messages, here they are:

As you can see there is a little timer icon next to the status message. That means a schedule has been set.

To get a quick overview of your start and end dates, you can click on the label to see more info:

And it's as easy as that.

API tweaks

Going hand in hand with the above, there are API tweaks that have been made. Specifically it will only return Ads (for the embed/random option) that are within a given schedule, or active if no schedule has been set.

There are also a few more tweaks on the kind of data you can get back for the ad object, which you can find here in the documentation.

UI tweaks

I've made a few minor UI tweaks, mainly making everything a little wider.

In the coming months I will look at restyling the main ad detail screen as it feels cluttered.

Future tweaks

With ad scheduling, I'd like to also surface this data a little easier for you, so you can filter for "upcoming" or "expired" ads. I am working on something that should be easy enough on the UI. More to come soon.

I can't type today, or create any longer sentences, so I hope the above is short and sweet for you. Excited to have pushed out this update.

More to come.


It’s "ship a thing on a Monday". So I shipped some new goodies for Sublime Ads. Write up coming soon, after I have updated the documentation.

Have been working on ad scheduling in Sublime Ads. Still more to do, but I have the basic frontend pretty much sorted. Also has a pop up date picker.

The deploy went well. If you notice anything strange, let me know.

Deploying a few tweaks to Sublime Ads. If you notice any slowness… that’s a bigger database migration. Hopefully you won’t notice anything though ✌️

More Sublime Ads goodies today… now you can upload an avatar… because everyone does it haha. Makes the header look much nicer and comfy. This is a prelude to some "team" stuff that I am working on. Nice to have. It was fun!

Sublime Ads Update - View Tracking

This is a feature that has been requested since day one of starting Sublime Ads, and it's been available since launch... but it was never documented, nor was it fully complete. No more.

I'm happy to announce that in addition of tracking your "taps" you can now also track the amount of "views" an embedded ad receives.

Just like taps, views is just a simple counter that gets triggered. It is privacy preserving and holds no user data. It's just a "view" and that is it.

Some people might just find this useful to measure performance (I don't like using that word) of a given category and/or ad.

Views can be triggered via the API, check out the documentation here. In addition to using the API, views can be tracked via the Sublime Ads Embed option on your website. Check out the documentation here for that.

Views are opt-in by you and are not enabled by default when using the embed option.

To see "views" all you have to do is go to the homepage and select the "Show views" option in your statistics graph, next to the date picker - you can toggle between taps and views as needed. There are plans to have some sort of combined view at some stage. These stats are also available for each individual ad and category, so you can get into more details as needed.

I think this might be a very welcome feature for anyone that relies on this data.

That's it for now.

Happy coding and embedding!

Pushed out some updates to Sublime Ads today. Happy to finally get them out. A little out of time now, but will write a small post about the changes a little later and update the "Updates" page with even more tweaks/details that are not yet documented for embeds.

Have integrated Stripe Tax into Sublime Ads. Only took an hour with testing. I was reminded how I had to go about calculating tax for EU based people. Nightmare. Happy this works now though. So much better and I don’t have to worry to keep on top of it.

Have added the ability to disable statistics on a category by category basis in Sublime Ads. It’s something I always wanted since I use a test category for development purpose… but at the same time I wanted to feel comfortable tapping on links with it recording a tap.

Checked today and Sublime Ads now served over 500,000 API request, since January 🥳😱

It looks so pretty!

Thanks so very much for everyone trying out the TestFlight of Gluon and trying out the ads & promoted content. Really opened my eyes what I need to change and also add to Sublime Ads.

Stats look good — and I have no clue except "taps", so I can sleep at night!