Vincent Ritter

πŸŽ™ #46 - Sometimes I get hung up on stuff. The past me was dumb. Retro thing going.

Abstract Development

I've been working on a few updates to Gluon and I talk about slowly catching up with an Android release for those also. It's harder than I wanted because the past me was a little bit stupid.

A glimmer of hope for Sublime Ads? It's still at $0 MRR. Yay!

Next steps for Sublime Feed. Learning, learning and learning.

I explore just 3-rd party apps, change my background and go a tiny bit retro.

Recorded May 16th, 2022



  • [00:00] - [00:50] - Hung up
  • [00:50] - [03:43] - Gluon updates
  • [03:43] - [04:49] - Sublime Ads
  • [04:49] - [05:45] - Sublime Feed
  • [05:45] - [END] - Retro thing going. Sour Apples.

Duration: 00:06:54

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