Vincent Ritter

Goodbye, Simple Schedule

Today, I have come to say goodbye to my little project Simple Schedule.

It was my first proper Ruby on Rails app. I learned a lot. It gave me confidence that Ruby indeed was the language I wanted to continue with. Not to mention building web apps in anything other than ASP.NET or indeed even PHP.

Simple Schedule was built during a really bad time in my life and it gave me an escape. A good one.

The project also gave me a small voice on my blog, with countless blog posts as I built the project.

It was guided also, in part, by the community. For that, I am super thankful for.

Bye bye.

After nearly over 4 years, and nothing really coming of it, which is fine as it gave me an opportunity to grow personally and professionally, it has zero active users that I know of.

It has eaten away at me finically by having to host it and occasionally update it with a few fixes here and there.

Today, hosting alone is not worth it for me. In fact, at this moment, I can't afford it anyway.

There were grand plans, but I came to realise that I can't do everything in life... and this is one project I just have to cut loose.

I'm a little sad, but it's a good kinda sad.

I'm happy to sell it, without data, if anyone is interested, or if someone would like to have a custom version of it, I am happy to talk about it.

I have made one final backup this morning, and turned off the lights.

And... now... I just simply must say... Goodbye.

Thank you everyone that has followed along over the years.


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