Vincent Ritter

🎙 #51 - Holiday time

Abstract Development

Sorry, no meaningful show notes this episode as I wanted to get this out for your listening pleasure.

I touch on, the web and the app we’re building. Then I touch on Gluon, what I’ve been changing (like push notifications) and why – teasing some new features. And of course I forget to talk about the other features I added to Gluon, like pinned profiles 🙃 Oh and I touch on plans on monetising Gluon somehow… somewhere…

Next on the list a quick update on Sublime Ads and how I spun it off to create – and I tease a few ideas I have, even though I think it’s one of those well rounded 99% done projects, meaning I don’t want to change too much.

To finish the year I bring back apps from the dead and perhaps something new I might pick up.

Recorded December, 23rd 2022.


Duration: 00:14:02

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