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A simple app to display monitored sites from, with current status and other stats.

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Status++ TestFlight Build 20

As we all start dreaming of holiday feasts and sweet escapes, I'm sliding in with a wee update to keep things ticking. Nothing earth-shattering – we're saving the fireworks for post-holiday cheer!

  • [TWEAK] Gave the webhook layout a little nudge. Now, you can tell at a glance if that token is cozying up with your device or if it’s just a push token playing hide and seek for another device.
  • [BEHIND THE SCENES] Let's take a trip down memory lane to 2019, shall we? Well, I've been busy jazzing things up to fit into our futuristic 2023. Swapped out Axios for the Fetch API for network calls (hello, modern vibes!), and a bunch of other yawn-inducing tweaks. But hey, one less dependency to worry about!

And there you have it - simple, a tad dull, but oh-so-functional!

Wishing everyone a Christmas as fantastic as finding extra fries at the bottom of the bag. See you all when the holiday dust settles!

If anyone is interested in an app for, I'm building one (again), and the details are here (including a TestFlight link + previous blog posts):

Hope to make progress over the holiday. Keeping myself accountable.

Status++ TestFlight Build 19

Ah, the season of joy, mistletoe, and... app updates? Yes, indeed! It's the most wonderful time of the year, and here I am, Vincent, delivering the latest and (occasionally) greatest in app enhancements. Let's unwrap these updates like they're under the Christmas tree, shall we?

  • [FIX] Remember how the status bar flickered like it was trying to compete with your neighbour's over-the-top Christmas lights? Well, no more! We've fixed it. Now, you can navigate around the app without feeling like you're in a disco.
  • [FIX] The "Down" screen layout issue is now a thing of the past. It used to look good, except for, well, the actual screen. We've ironed that out, so now everything looks as it should. Because who needs extra chaos during the holidays?
  • [REMOVED] We took away the ability to PING a site when it’s down. Turns out, it was like gifting socks to a teenager – not very useful and caused more disappointment (crashes). We might bring it back, but let's see how we feel after the holidays.
  • [TWEAK] We did a bit of wordplay on the auth screen. Nothing major, just a little festive sprucing up to keep things fresh. Think of it like changing the wrapping paper style this year.

And there you have it! A small, cozy update to keep the app fires burning. More updates might be coming down the chimney soon. Enjoy the quick development cycle – it's like Advent, but for app features!

Stay tuned, stay merry, and let's hope the only crashes this season are from the sleigh-riding guy in red, not from our app. Happy Holidays!

Funny how things work out... Looks like I'll be concentrating on working on my "Status++" app for over the holidays. There has been some interest and I'm in talks with Adrien to get some momentum as it's been requested for a while now.

I've got a small update out for my Status++ app (if you're using

  • Fixes a crashing bug when tapping on a check.
  • Changes things around with grabbing, and setting, Webhooks. This is due to the app using a deprecated API endpoint.

Thanks everyone for using it so far ✌️

If you're using Status, my "this app is taking forever to build" for, and you got an email about using a deprecated API, then that's on me. I'm in touch with Adrien to solve this and move the app over to the new API endpoints for webhooks.

If you use ( and want to help test a "on-the-side" app that I have resurrected, here is the TestFlight link for iOS. It's called Status++.

Just pushed out a little update to Status++. This one re-enables the ability to get push notifications. I was working on the web app last night to make that happen 😋 Plus some other goodies in this release, which you can find in the test notes. More soon.

Restarted an old project of mine... took a bit of time to get going again, but happy it's back.

Reviving an old project today.

I’m clearing the deck and one more app victim is Status for I’ve tried but could never get anywhere with it. The TestFlight ran out some time ago… and I don’t have strength to continue. I might at some stage, but no more. Thanks everyone for trying it!

Update my little Status app that you can use with on iOS (also available via Android). The last beta expired on TestFlight… Hope to finish it this year, although I’m no real rush.

Just released a minor TestFlight update for my Status app, that you can use with Adds a little bit of info text to the push notifications screen. Also now identifies which webhook is used for the current device.

Remember my other app “Status for”? Kinda thinking of just releasing it as is… 🤔

Pushed out build 2 for my Status for app. Just want to keep the TestFlight version active as it’s running out in a few days. There will be a few endpoint changes for notifications, hope to have that in the app this or next week.