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Status for

A simple app to display monitored sites from, with current status and other stats.

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If you use ( and want to help test a "on-the-side" app that I have resurrected, here is the TestFlight link for iOS. It's called Status++.

Just pushed out a little update to Status++. This one re-enables the ability to get push notifications. I was working on the web app last night to make that happen 😋 Plus some other goodies in this release, which you can find in the test notes. More soon.

Restarted an old project of mine... took a bit of time to get going again, but happy it's back.

Reviving an old project today.

I’m clearing the deck and one more app victim is Status for I’ve tried but could never get anywhere with it. The TestFlight ran out some time ago… and I don’t have strength to continue. I might at some stage, but no more. Thanks everyone for trying it!

Update my little Status app that you can use with on iOS (also available via Android). The last beta expired on TestFlight… Hope to finish it this year, although I’m no real rush.

Just released a minor TestFlight update for my Status app, that you can use with Adds a little bit of info text to the push notifications screen. Also now identifies which webhook is used for the current device.

Remember my other app “Status for”? Kinda thinking of just releasing it as is… 🤔

Pushed out build 2 for my Status for app. Just want to keep the TestFlight version active as it’s running out in a few days. There will be a few endpoint changes for notifications, hope to have that in the app this or next week.

Looking for testers for Status, an app for

I’m looking for some brave people to try out my other app called Status. It’s an app that you can use for It’s in a “pre-alpha” at the moment and has still a way to go. iOS only at the moment. Interested?

When I say “pre-alpha” I mean exactly that. This is what works:

  • Login with both read-only and full access tokens.
  • See all your checks.
  • See any checks that are down.
  • Webhooks can be seen also.
  • You can view all the updown nodes.
  • You can register for push notifications, so the app notifies you when something goes down. More on this in a moment.
  • You can enable and disable checks.
  • Very basic check detail screen. This one is going to take some time.

Regarding push notifications: this will register a unique device token on a small API that I wrote, which in turn creates a webhook at the updown end. This is all happening in-app and no updown token or any other personal info is shared with my API. Once updown sees a site down, it will send the details to the Status API, which in turns sends out a nice push notification.

It’s been working well the past few times.

Couldn’t sleep (03:20 AM)… so I worked on push notifications for Status. And they work! KABOOM 🥳. Happy with this! That’s only test data I’m sending so ignore the dates.

Of note, I’d like to use what I learned for Gluon also.

Spent the day working on registering for push notifications for Status. Includes a small Rails based API. It’ll activate by talking to the API and on success, and checks, will return a nice UUID, which in turn also registers a webhook with updown.

Status for - Initial check details header styling, read only api keys and re-auth screens

Made some more progress with Status. Although it doesn’t seem much “customer facing”, I’ve done a lot behind the scenes especially handling logging in again if, for some reason, your API key becomes invalid.

Also started to implement the “read-only” check. If you’re using you’ll know there are two keys you can use. With that in mind, I also had to add a re-auth screen.

Before I worked on that, though, I started work on the initial header of the actual “check” details screen. So far I’m pretty happy with the results. Here’s a few early screenshots.

Quick summary in the header of your uptime. If you have an alias set, it’ll show that together with the URL underneath. You can tap on that and it will take you to the URL in question.

This one shows an error right at the top of the page, with the corresponding error message.

Of course you can pull to refresh to update the necessary check. If it comes back to life, it’ll go nice and green again (except perhaps the uptime - which depends on the percentage).

If you have a bad SSL, it’ll show that too. I still need to populate the whole screen with data… so more details will be shown soon.

Before I go, here is a screenshot of the re-auth modal that pops up if your API key becomes invalid for some reason:

I’m using the same screen, without the big error, for re-authenticating with another key - for example if you logged in with a read-only key.

The settings screen also reflects what kind of API key you have… and will also tell you if it’s invalid.

Tapping on that will bring up the re-auth screen.

Overall happy with the achievement today.

I’ve been tapping back and forth to try and figure out how to design the “check” screen… notepad is ready, with a blank canvas. Need to find inspiration. At least I got a nice status on the top right already, looks nice!