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Shoutouts update

Howdy gang! So it's been a while since I shipped anything for shoutouts, and that's OK. I believe shoutouts is a finished product, and I had so many positive comments and hardly any features requests.

Saying that, I did ship a few things, although mainly behind the scenes. One feature that is new is the ability to target a specific element on your site/page, meaning you can add the script where you want and it'll insert your shoutout where you want. You can see the documentation here (head on to the bottom of the page and see "Target specific element").

Also I'm slowly bringing across changes I made to tinylytics in terms of UI bits, but that is a slower task. I really love re-using elements across my projects. They all carry each other.

New pricing, new payment provider

If you read my post on moving payment provider for tinylytics, it's no surprise that I moved shoutouts too. It's live right now for new subscribers 🍋

Saying that, I also looked at the pricing because it felt that the "pick your own price" was a little confusing, so I changed this around.

Now there are two plans, one is $2/month and the other, you guessed it, is $20/year.

Shoutouts is a very niche, fun, product. I also get that people are put off by spending money up front for 1 year of commitment. So I hope that the monthly will be an option to explore.

Alas, there is also a free plan giving you 3 free shoutouts (try saying that a few times) and the default theme. Upgrade for unlimited shoutouts and themes.

I don't expect to make a living from shoutouts, and as long as I can cover hosting & operating expenses, then that's a positive for me.

In general I need to make around $50 before I get a payout from my new payment provider, and $100 for the old one (so that's gonna be interesting to tell them I left). So that's my aim. $50/month... somehow.

What about the future?

I know I said that I think it's a finished product, but... BUT... I have ideas that did not make it into the first version. I'd still like to pursue that.

If you have any specific changes you want to see, for example an integration with tinylytics (😅), I am all ears. It can be what you want.

It's important for me to show what I make, get it out there, but then be able to pivot to feature requests, and be open to them. So please, just let me know.


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