Vincent Ritter

Just pushed out a quick update to Gluon on TestFlight:

  • [NEW] When you navigate to a conversation, the post you have selected will now be highlighted with a blue dot (next to the timestamp) and border so it’s easy to identify... which goes in hand with:
  • [TWEAK] Tweaked the scroll to behaviour when navigating to a conversation where the item now actually scrolls to the desired position (maybe) — and it’s also a little bit more faster.
  • [TWEAK] Tweaked the Nitpicky main titles and also the layout of the section so that titles are shorter and descriptions also (i.e. now they don’t push things around and go to another line).
  • [TWEAK] Changed the colour of blockquotes in dark mode. It was a little hard to see. Thanks for reporting that again!
  • [FIX] Fixes an issue with some accounts not getting past login. Sorry about that. My butterfly keyboard = spelling mistakes :_(

Conversation view might need a little bit more tweaking though...

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