Vincent Ritter

Gluon TestFlight 2023.2 (19)

Alright folks, gather 'round! It's time for our holiday update, where we fix things you didn't even know were broken - it's like finding hidden presents, but without the joy.

  • [FIX] We might have fixed the app crash when you try to open a conversation. I mean, who knew apps needed to be stable to converse? Our developer discovered this revolutionary idea just last week!
  • [FIX] Profile pages now actually update when you follow or unfollow someone. Yes, it's a miracle, like seeing Santa at the gym in January.
  • [FIX] The discover timeline was stuck, but now it's potentially unstuck. Let's play a fun game of "Did it Really Fix?" - your feedback is like those letters to Santa!
  • [TWEAK] Inline videos are back! We removed them last time just to see if you'd notice. Spoiler: You did.
  • [TWEAK/EXPERIMENTAL] Timeline positioning is like that one light on the tree that won't stay put. We've nudged it a bit. Not perfect, but hey, neither is Aunt Edna's fruitcake.
  • [SHADOW BANS] More work on shadow bans because we're naughty, not nice. Kidding! If we really banned you, we'd send a lovely "Please Leave" card with a heart emoji. Holiday spirit and all that jazz.

Remember, if something breaks, it's probably part of our "festive feature set." Happy holidays, and here's to hoping your app experience is smoother than your uncle's dance moves at the holiday party!

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