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Gluon TestFlight 2023.2 (21) — Focus Mode Update

Ah, the delightful sound of tuning out the world - it's almost as good as the sound of Christmas cookies mystically disappearing into my stomach. Time for one last hurrah with an update before we all scamper off for the holidays. And what's on the menu? Gluon, of course. But shh, let's not spill the beans to Santa; he might want in on the action!

Just a heads-up, in case the sugar rush has got you a bit foggy: this update is all about enhancing the focus mode. Keep that in mind as you navigate through the new changes!

Now, for the grand reveal of what I've cooked up in the Gluon kitchen:

  • [TWEAK] The bottom tab bar is now officially a ghost. Poof! Gone! Why? We (royal we) decided that the bottom tab bar was as useful as a snowman in summer, so it's gone!
  • [NEW] We’ve added a moon/focus icon next to your profile picture. It's like a magic button - long press to make Focus Mode disappear or tap to conjure the focus settings. Abracadabra!
  • [NEW] Pinned profiles are now making a grand entrance in the header. This is, of course, if your 'nitpicky' settings are set to display them there. Previously, they were playing hide and seek, but no longer!
  • [NEW] Venturing into a pinned profile in Focus Mode? Surprise! Their timeline shows up. Others? They're playing the invisible game. Pin a profile, and it's like unlocking a secret timeline treasure chest.
  • [NEW] Introducing a "focus" setting to hide the "compose" button. Perfect for those who want to focus on the few brave souls replying to their posts over the holidays. Santa's making a list of who's naughty or nice, but here, we're just hiding buttons.

And now, for the grand finale, let me unveil a few surprise fixes that are so secretive, even the elves don't have them on their radar:

  • [FIX] Fixed that annoying little bug where replying to someone didn't autofill the username. Apparently, my coding skills decided to take an early holiday.
  • [TWEAK] I've tweaked some layouts here and there. It's like rearranging the furniture in a room nobody visits – subtle, yet satisfying.

A big thank you to everyone for a fabulous year, even to those who couldn't find the 'like' button. I'll catch you all after the holidays, hopefully not too stuffed with cookies. Happy Holidays from the Gluon team (me!) - where our updates are almost as regular as Santa's visits, but with less chimney soot!

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