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Weeklog — June 3rd, 2024

This is something I always wanted to try, but never was quite sure how to do it. Earlier this year I started sharing a little bit too much on my projects with screenshots and general stuff I was working on — and that felt a little bit too much.

Let's see how it goes. I'm going to try and go project by project and give a few points per paragraph. This was something I wanted to try last week but we had a mini escape over the weekend due to some school holidays so I missed a lot.

And what about the date? The week starts for me on a Monday, and it's about this week. Seems fitting. I was thinking of using the week number, but that can be confusing.

Kimberly, Manton and me have been steadily curating the Discover timeline this week. I'm really happy with the admin changes for curating we've been doing over the last few months — it's a massive improvement over the past year.

There is more work to do of course and looking forward to working on that this month.

We did have a bit of downtime again. Manton is travelling... and the servers just know it for some reason. These happened during bedtime (5 - 6 AM) for me, so I'm happy that Manton was able to take care of everything.

I already miss Jean. She is a beacon in the community and I'll miss her. Many of the admin changes have been made to take into account the wishes she had — it's already so much better. Thank you Jean ❤️


Ah yes, my little app project... that had a great start but seems to be on the sidelines.

Last week I was trying to build the app locally after some updates but encountered issues — that's normal. However I didn't have any energy to go further. What I did do is try and start a new project from scratch, which had no problems with running — I don't know yet what is going to be next.

I did try and make changes to push notifications and upgraded some stuff in the process — that seems to have broken something with encryption. If you're missing replies, you can go to the Mentions tab, tap the bell icon and "re-activate". Hopefully that'll do the trick.

It's Pride Month and many of you are celebrating LGBTQ+ and inclusion and diversity, I featured the category on the Explore page over the weekend. You can pin it to your Discover timeline by long pressing on it and you'll get a little pin on it. If you're creating a new post, it'll pick up 🏳️‍🌈 and 🏳️‍⚧️. It'll be at the top of the timeline, if pinned, and is automtically updated.

In a future version I'd like to surface the emojis in the editor so you can quickly access them.

I'm planning on also adding WWDC over the weekend. Some of the developers like to follow this. That one will pick up posts with 🤯 or WWDC — although it seems that feed hasn't seen any action in a while (4 years).

There is an issue with Cloudflare heavily caching the Explore feed for some reason, so it might take a few tries to get it to show up. I'm going to replace this logic as it doesn't work... and use for caching those feeds (I do that for all the other feeds already).

No other plans for Gluon right now — still going to try and get it to run here so I can get a new TestFlight out soon and fix the bug with Explore (needs a query string to more aggressively bust the cache).


I fixed a few issues with categories not hiding when they're set as inactive.

Apart from that I've been planning some sort of short code picker thing — nothing concrete yet.

One thing, for the technical crowd (or if you have interest), is that I had Litestack installed on the project since day one. My plan was to always offer a self-hosted version of Scribbles. However as a multi-tenant app I encountered some weird issues with some background processes, especially around images.

So now I removed that and am using solid_queue together with Redis. I haven't yet seen any continued issues — so fingers crossed.

There are a few dark mode bugs I found that I didn't tackle yet, so I'll work on that at some stage — maybe next week.

Sublime Feed

Earlier this week I blogged about my feed reader. I really love the simplicity of it all and it's been a joy to use privately. There is much for me to do and I'm going to take it super slow actually.

Thank you to all that have sent me an email about it. I do know there are bugs and some feeds don't work (yet!) — I'll get around to it next week.

I did have some extended downtime as the server ran out of space — I didn't fully investigate but it was the log of the background process, it logged the responses of the feed as I am firing off another background process for each feed so it looks like the while feed object is logged. For now I upgraded the server with more space and oomph. Everything seems A-OK, although I can see it creeping up again.

That also made me change the time interval of fetching feeds. Instead of every 1 minute it's now 5 minutes. I do need to think of some other way of doing this... although it works pretty well. Even fetching every 10 minutes should be enough.

As I said in my article it's just a moment in time.

Other stuff

Tinylytics is humming along nicely and has been stable. No updates here yet except that it has a temporary new logo (well, it's been there for a while), which will be replaced by another new and way better logo — if I can get my feedback over. I also moved the changelog over to Scribbles.

Talking about changelogs and stuff — I feel everything is a little bit too spread out in terms of content, so I am planning to maybe consolidate some of these blogs and changelogs into one and separate them out with categories. Probably a good idea.

Podcast — I recorded last week. It's not time yet. I'll work on it again in July perhaps. No rush.

I do feel a little spread out in terms of projects, and I need to think about some stuff and how to go forward.

Thanks for reading.

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