Vincent Ritter


Apple TV+

Apple is making bad calls lately... which also includes showing a trailer of a total different show and confusing you when you want to watch one of the Apple TV+ series. Such a massive shame. For All Mankind = See trailer = wtf??? Come on!!!

Quick thoughts on Apple TV+: For All Mankind

3 series for starters. It’s different and I like the mix of history and fiction. Good story line for sure.

You can see that this series probably didn’t have a big budget on visual effects, so that was a bit disappointing to say the least. Especially considering the beauty of space. Some of the acting seems weird and artificial that is hard to describe.

Without saying too much, I love the change of rolls between women and men... in the second episode. Especially given the time this is set in... and the present. I hope it lasts in the next episodes.

One thing to note, the audio sync between picture and sound seemed off for me. Perhaps it’s my TV... I’ll try on another device to make sure. I’ll update the post with findings.

Overal I give it a 4 out of 5 for now. I’ll certainly watch the rest. Which is a lot to say for me, because I don’t usually like watching TV shows.

Quick observation on Apple TV+

Now that we had some time to play around with it, I am absolutely stunned on how accessible every show is on Apple TV+. Just open up the audio tab and look at all the different languages and alternate versions with Audio Descriptions. Then have a look at the truck load of subtitles!

Only Apple would do something like this. Leading by example in a crowded market.

10 out of 10!