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All my active project posts, collected here. This is at the heart of what I do and I love.

Active projects:

These are my active development projects at this time. You can go through any of them for more info and see specific posts for the project.

A place for everything you love, like or want to shout out about on your website.

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Post short thoughts or long essays, share photos, all on your own blog. makes it easy, and provides a friendly community where you can share and engage with others.

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Gluon for

An app for both iOS and Android, built on React Native, for

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I worked on a small itch I wanted to scratch, called It's a short photo wall of the current Photo Discover feed. Unfortunately I can't page through the feed, so we're roughly up to 38 pictures for now until I keep a history of the feed somehow (or add paging).

Enjoy ✌️❤️

I'll be making fundamental changes to Gluon. That means I probably won't reply to any existing support requests (for bugs & changes) as everything will change. I will do my best to cover those points though.

Made a quick update to the Gluon App server that handles push notifications. Push notifications should come through a little quicker now.

I'm really sorry for missing push notifications in Gluon. They should have all come through now. Looks like the push service server crashed. I apologise if you got a lot of notifications! It was broken since the 7th of May! No one told me 😅

Ads in Gluon should be disabled now... so hopefully they should just disappear. I've got a small TestFlight update that removes them fully.

The thing I love about is that it's pretty much a complete product. Except some very minor extras, I'd say it's complete. Does exactly, minus theme sharing, what I wanted it to do. Now it's up to customers.

If it's worth anything: Timeline Sync on has been discussed at length for some time now internally, we know what needs doing to make it happen across the app, web and api at the same time. However it will take time. New app first. Go from there ✌️❤️

Next up, working on XML-RPC posting for the new app. That will transition to Micropub based sites too, which naturally will include IndieAuth.

Really happy to get the share extension into the new app. It's available now on Test Flight for iOS. The beauty is that we could re-use most of the code. Once we ship for iOS, I will also make this available for Android users. This release also fixes an issue with blank views ✌️