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Follow along as I build out product ideas with regular updates on progress, screenshots, thoughts on a particular way of doing things and so much more. This is at the heart of what I do and I love it.

Currently active projects:

These are my active development projects at this time. You can click/tap through any of them for more info and see specific posts for the project.

Sublime Ads

A privacy focused ad management service for your apps, websites and others.

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Gluon for

An app for both iOS and Android, built on React Native, for

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Status for

A simple app to display monitored sites from, with current status and other stats.

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Launched projects:

These projects have been launched and are live 🚀 I continue to work on them and, as anything, they are never truly finished.

Gluon for

An app for both iOS and Android, built on React Native, for

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Simple Schedule

A new and simple way to manage bookings, appointments and gatherings on the web.

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Recent posts

Worked a little bit on Sublime Ads tonight, only around 30 mins. Tweaked some buttons and text. I’d love to launch it soon. Next week I’ll spend time on documentation and work on slightly better embedding options. Then it’s ready as the MVP I imagined.

Done for the day. Tired. I’ll do a little write up on Sublime Ads over the weekend. Also used Nova all day too. Was nice.

I’m really digging these slightly rotated dropdowns in Sublime Ads

Experimenting with a “day range” picker… works nice. Gonna add a custom date range at some stage too.

Whoop. I have an initial embed script ready for Sublime Ads 🥳

Started work on the JS embed for Sublime Ads. In OTHER news… I am totally for off angles now! Please be aware this will trickle to all my projects from now on. Straightness is BORING. Give it a try if you’re on the beta.

The new “Apple’verse” version of Gluon will ship with iOS15. 😂

Dedicating a bit of time to Sublime Ads for the next couple of weeks. To warm up I’m trying out some basic “dark” mode support on the holding page.

Todays achievement… and I’m just playing around really, so nothing concrete TBH:

Happy to announce that Gluon version 2020.5 for iOS has shipped. Here are the release notes.

Thank you so much to everyone that has contributed and your ever lasting support ❤️

Onwards and upwards ✌️