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Follow along as I build out product ideas with regular updates on progress, screenshots, thoughts on a particular way of doing things and so much more. This is at the heart of what I do and I love it.

Active projects:

These are my active development projects at this time. You can click/tap through any of them for more info and see specific posts for the project.

Gluon for

An app for both iOS and Android, built on React Native, for

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A place for everything you love, like or want to shout out about on your website.

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Sublime Ads

A privacy focused ad management service for your apps, websites and others.

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Post short thoughts or long essays, share photos, all on your own blog. makes it easy, and provides a friendly community where you can share and engage with others.

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Status for

A simple app to display monitored sites from, with current status and other stats.

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Recent posts

Decided on the new pricing plans for Sublime Ads. They are the same, except the highest one... which is now $27/month instead of $39.

Current line up (Pay what you want):

  • $4/month
  • $9/month
  • $18/month
  • $27/month

Should appeal to indie developers near and far ✌️❤️

I'm transitioning Sublime Ads to be used more by indie devs, and less by big players, so I'm scrapping the Team features. I also added the "pay what you want" model to further help devs integrate this on their budget. Still need to figure out new pricing. 30 day trial now also.

Adding a few more push notification options to the app, allowing you to toggle if you want to enable them on a per account basis. By default they are on, but you can pop in over to settings if you wanted. (Not yet released).

Just added an extra little option in Sublime Ads to add a portal logo into the header for the client area. That including all the other portal settings too.

There were a few issues with the new Gluon feeds, for the TestFlight app (and also current ones). Which meant slow updates. Hope to have that resolved now after a few days of making a change in Bunny (was caching related).

OK, Android is building again for Funny enough, the last time it built without issue was back in January, and then I upgraded React Native on iOS. Oh well. Should have seen that coming. There were a lot of changes to config files that I had to manually comb through...

🥳 Patience and persistence is the key. app for Android building again.

Kiddo finally in bed. Tea is ready. Time to fix the app for Android.

As a funny aside, Google emailed a week or so ago saying there are issues that we should look at… and that they “might” remove the app. And so they did.

And this is why I want direct downloads. So no big tech child can do what they want.

Imagine if they could also stop a website…

Current status of getting back into the play store is that I need to fix build errors, which has been a rollercoaster ride. Too much work on the iOS side, including React Native upgrades, caused this (I think).

Still a few hours away from getting anywhere.