Vincent Ritter


I have a depth of experience to help you with building websites, apps and others, whatever your needs. Developing, or as I call it - starting, is my passion and I couldn't be happier.

We’re on a first name basis and you’ll work directly with me. No more project managers, no more waiting and most importantly, the complete truth about your project. Oh... and no money creation schemes for things you don't need.

Even if I cannot help you, I will put you in touch with the right person from an amazing group of hand picked freelancers that make stuff for the web, mobile, print and more.

If you want a private portfolio (with some really cool clients) let me know below, or you can have a look at my projects of what I'm working on personally and also my own ventures. I also make a few personal apps.

An example of services I can offer (although not limited to):

Native iOS and Android Apps

If you need a, fully featured, cross platform iOS and/or Android app then I can help. Using React Native as the underlying technology to compile to both platforms or native Swift for iOS. The options are endless and no matter the app we can do something amazing together. Get in touch for a portfolio and I'm happy to dazzle.

from €500/day

Frontend Development & Progressive web apps

Beautiful, meticulous and mindfully crafted web site cut ups and implementations. From a simple static website to an integration with an existing content management system. Responsive websites as standard, thoroughly considered performance optimisations. Lightweight and quick. No bloat.

Web standards and technologies evolve on a daily basis, I take every project as an opportunity to learn and apply.

I also rock ReactJS for truly awesome progressive websites.

from €450/day

App & web app prototyping

If you want to prototype your app, in a browser, let me help you. Just have a look at my code challenge where I built a full static prototype before moving onto the app build. This enables me to really nail it. Invaluable for any small to large scale project.

I can also help you with an iOS and Android functioning prototype to suit your needs.

from €400/day

A whole lot more...

Whether it’s a quick fix to an existing site, exploring your web project further or simply advise you on the next steps, I have a depth of experience to help you. So don't be shy, I'm sure I can help no matter what.

So, what's next? Send me an email with a summary of your project and I'll get back to you. If you're an agency looking for an extra hand, introduce yourself. I generally charge on a per project basis, but if you're looking for a day rate I can do that too. I don't offer hourly rates unless where needed after a project.

Projects always vary in time and length and I'll give you an indication of what is involved. I'm more than happy to work on a custom project that is not listed above and can fit around different real budgets.

I don't track hours for fixed priced projects or for day rates. It just takes too much time.