Vincent Ritter

💡 Consulting

I have a depth of experience to help you with building websites, apps and others, whatever your needs. Developing is my passion and I couldn't be happier when I put my skills to good use.

We’re on a first name basis and you’ll work directly with me. No more project managers, no more waiting and most importantly, the complete truth about your project.

If you want a private portfolio (with some really cool clients) let me know below, or you can have a look at my projects of what I'm working on personally. I also make a few personal apps and sites. There is also my showcase, with some great client work that I’m honoured to have worked on.

Even if I cannot help you, I will put you in touch with the right person from an amazing group of hand picked freelancers that make stuff for the web, mobile, print and more.

An example of services I can offer (although not limited to):

Cross platform mobile apps using React Native

If you need a, fully featured, cross platform iOS and/or Android app then I can help. Using React Native as the underlying technology to compile to both platforms including tvOS. The options are endless and, no matter the app, we can do something amazing together. Get in touch for a portfolio and I'm happy to dazzle.

Projects usually last between a few weeks to months. The longest client app project I’ve worked on was 6 months. If you need a hand with an existing project, give me a shout.

Custom web applications and services using Ruby on Rails or Laravel

Every app or idea has some sort of system running it all. Take a look at Invisible Cities, they wanted a custom solution for their online tour bookings for the long term. So, I built them a custom booking engine as they weren’t happy with off the shelf solutions.

Or perhaps you need an API that works as push notification server to your users, a flight booking engine or anything to help your business grow. It’s your choice.

… and more

Whether it’s a quick fix to an existing site, exploring your web project further or simply advise you on the next steps, I have a depth of experience to help you. So don't be shy, I'm sure I can help no matter what.

What's next? Send me an email with a summary of your project and I'll get back to you. If you're an agency looking for an extra hand, introduce yourself. I generally charge on a per project basis, but if you're looking for a day rate I can do that too. I don't offer hourly rates unless where needed after a project (for ongoing support or other smaller tasks).

Projects always vary in time and length. I’m more than happy to work on a custom project that is not listed above and can fit around different, realistic, budgets.

Only serious offers are taken into consideration. I value your time and in return I only ask for the same. I cannot work for free, however if you’re a charity let me know. I may not reply to all emails.

Send me an email: hey [at]