Vincent Ritter

πŸ’‘ Hire me

I have a depth of experience to help you with building websites, apps and others, whatever your needs. Development is my heart and soul and I couldn't be happier when I put my skills to use.

Whilst I know a bit of everything, I specialise in Ruby on Rails, React JS and React Native, amongst others (so just ask)… and I also sometimes steer design.

You may know my work, like Gluon (React Native & Rails), Sublime Ads (Rails), (Rails), and working, for a few days a month, over at – where I build the new iOS and Android App (now open-source), and also work on server side code (Ruby).

You should send me an email and talk about your project to see if it’s a right fit.

Pricing, in the ballpark, is: €450/Β£400/$US500 per day.

Most projects are priced on an individual basis and I apply discounts if you want to work for more than 3 days. In general I do not offer hourly pricing, but could be swayed.

Email me to get in touch. hey [@]