Vincent Ritter

Hello, I'm Vincent. I'm a dad, husband, geek and an independent software engineer that also freelances. Check out the apps I make, personal projects I'm currently working on, websites I made and other things like my blog posts and thoughts.

I renamed Hilbert to Status, as I prefer it. Also brought across all the goodness that is in Gluon so that there are great foundations.

Status will be specifically for and will also introduce push notifications. Will have a small web app supporting the app.

I haven’t spend much time on it except just the design and basic login.

I hope that Family orientated things get better with Apple. For example, the TV app, doesn’t show me purchases from other family members. Can’t stream either. Don’t see rentals. Nothing. Basic stuff. Frustrating. 😞 There’s a huge potential, but they don’t choose to play those basic things.

I just released Gluon build 20190301.4, which adds the ability to switch themes and accents instantly. Give it a go and choose a nice combo. I’m yet to style that section so please bear with me - you’ll be able to accents now though. If you want more accent colours, just let me know.

Also added a double tap to reload the current feed you’re on. Just double tap the tab bar icon and you’ll get a haptic feedback event, followed by a reload/fetch. Thanks to @nitinkhanna for this one.

Today was my daughter’s 5th birthday. Time really flies and it’s amazing how far she has grown up already. It always amazes me. My love for her grows day by day, it’s hard to describe what that feels like. Happy Birthday Amelia ❤️

I’m about to push out a new build for Gluon (20190228.3) . It will include a very early experimental “Appearance” option in Settings. When you change any values, you’ll have to press the “Reload App” button at the bottom. Wait 1 second before pressing that, otherwise the settings will not save.

Themes are Light and Dark - these change the overall skin of the app.

Accents will change link colours and colours in the tab bar and header areas.

I’ll be hopefully completing this tonight, and get it nice looking and reload on the fly (it’s nearly working but took it out for now for this build).

I’m about to start another round of Gluon coding. Probably work on the “Following” screen or start work with adding replies. There are a few plans for Favourites and Discover, but they need to sit in my head a little longer.

If anyone is interested in using a bad project management tool, please just go ahead and give Asana a try. Bad UI, terrible UX and worst... I don't think they know what their product actually is. A client of mine recently switched and I'm getting to the point where I tell the project managers to just email me.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a Sci-Fi book that is modern, easy to read and has a great story?

I don’t generally read many books but I’d love to read more... so, suggestions are welcome. I wouldn’t know where to start.

Gluon was approved for public TestFlight a few hours ago 😃 There are many things on my plate and I'll do my best to ship regular updates. Whilst it doesn't look like much changed... everything has!

There are a few things still missing and I'm hoping to be in a good spot in a week or so. I'll also need to check the Android build and get that ready.

Initial Gluon 2.0 alpha release

I’m feeling a bit under pressure to release Gluon as the older TestFlight version has run out. So in an abnormal move, I’m just going to release what I have to my lovely TestFlight testers. Rather have that away from my mind so I can concentrate on other things too.

It’s far from complete and it has more features missing and many bugs compared to my last public build. However, it now has incredibly strong foundations for a great future (so I hope).

The coming weeks and days will be busy getting it ready with feature parity with the old build… so give me a bit of time to work on those.

Biggest things missing from this new build:

  • Replying (end of next week)
  • Account/Profile screen (end of week)
  • HTML feed (the posts, they still need tweaking and sometimes miss a few things - this week for trying to sort that)
  • Gallery view (maybe this weekend)
  • Post actions eg: reporting user, favour post etc (no timescale)
  • Discover categories (no timescale as I’m implementing a custom JSON feed for the categories, so I don’t have to push updates out when there are new things)

There’s probably more…

Android version will also be released in the coming weeks.

The last app build was between 22Mb and 26MB. This one is going to be ~5MB 🤩

It will hopefully hit your devices as soon as Apple review it:

Feedback is always welcome (

Added the conversation view to Gluon. Just uploading that to TestFlight. I'm thinking of releasing what I have (just for laughs). Unsure if I have to get Apple to approve the 2.0.0 increase first though. If it goes straight through... oh well, then everyone has an updated app 😋

Apple Music should steal a few things from Spotify, for example "Never play this song again"... instead of "Dislike". Once I mark it I expect it to never ever play again... but nope, got to listen to it again and again.

Out of interest, if you use, how do you generally prefer to use Favourites on the platform or in an app? For example, I use them to refer back to someone later on or if I really really like something that I want to refer back to later. Please send me use cases 🥺