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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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Bought Nova from Panic (available for beta users for one week). It’ll require a change of the way I develop, so I’ll slowly transition to it over a few months for my own personal stuff. It’s a lovely app and it feels great and robust.

So, I’ve been downloading Firefox and Brave for some cross browser testing… why do they all advocate for privacy and yet their default search engine is Google? Doesn’t make any sense.

Possible project for an iPad app, Mac app and an App Clip… when will I finish my own stuff???

Zero emails. Invoices sent. Now I can go on holiday. OH WAIT...

7 emails in my inbox… time to reply.

One of my client apps needs to be approved by Disney before it gets released. So I’ll probably be waiting… for a very long time… as long as they launch Disney+ in Poland first, that would be good.

So I wanted to write “page speed” but out came “pages peed”… 😂 I kinda like the latter.

The new “Apple’verse” version of Gluon will ship with iOS15. 😂

Dedicating a bit of time to Sublime Ads for the next couple of weeks. To warm up I’m trying out some basic “dark” mode support on the holding page.

Talking about distractions… my own website is a bit of a mess. I have a few things planned… which I’d like to address soon.

I had to remove the 1Password extension from being visible in the new Safari. I really don’t like that it lights up like a bright neon light saying “oh HEY there, I’m active and TOTALLY distracting you from your content!”.

”YO!!! I’M HERE!!! Can you see me? HELLO?!"

I’m at this stage today where I think the Apple I loved and cared about died together with Steve Jobs 😞

His keynotes were full of life and excitement.

I’d love to file some feedback for Apple Music on the Mac… however I can’t even log into the Feedback app anymore… must be a bug. Plus all my Apple Music feedback points always go unanswered.

Dear Apple, if you want someone passionate about Apple Music on the Mac please contact me and I’ll temporarily work for you to make it the best goddamn app that has ever lived on the Mac.

Giving Spotify a go again, considering the Big Sur beta version totally doesn’t want to load anything. It’s certainly not perfect but am swayed because it’s an EU based company. You know… “buy local”.

Zero feedback points have been looked at from Apple, during this beta season. Don’t know why I bother TBH.

Todays achievement… and I’m just playing around really, so nothing concrete TBH:

Happy to announce that Gluon version 2020.5 for iOS has shipped. Here are the release notes.

Thank you so much to everyone that has contributed and your ever lasting support ❤️

Onwards and upwards ✌️

Gluon version 2020.5 for iOS has been approved by Apple... so I need to go and press the button soon and release it.

Urgh, such a nice day… and someone decided to smoke on a balcony somewhere near our window. Place stinks. This should be illegal!

Today I’m noodling around with Gluon Central, the API that I’m using for… Gluon. Could you possibly guess what it might be?