Vincent Ritter

Hello, I'm Vincent. I’m a dad, husband, geek and an independent software maker of things that freelances. Check out the apps I make, personal projects I'm currently working on and other things like my thoughts and blog posts.

I’m in love with the refined and finer volume steps on iOS13! Feels great; not too much or too little.

And when you start a new personal project and the next sentence from your wife is “Let’s go in 10 minutes and pick up our daughter”. 😂

So I spent a month planning and writing stuff down for a new personal project. Today… I start it.

I’ve been really impressed by the quality of Laravel and the whole ecosystem around it. It’s really making me want to switch, from Rails, for months now.

Random stats: I currently have 17 third-party apps installed on my iPhone (not including mine). 3 just for banking. 4 for social and client interactions (including Gluon). 3 Games. The others are various ones (VPN, Content Blocker, Weather etc).

I’ve been working through some Laravel tutorials the past week. It’s certainly different to write PHP, however I really like the fact that PHP is so well supported and you don’t need anything special to run it.

Apple should make a dedicated Animoji app. My daughter loves using it! Shame it’s stuck inside the Messages app though. Would be a big hit I reckon.

… on App Store Connect, you can no longer use emoji in the “What to test” field. That makes me a little sad. Might file a bug report.

Just pushed out a small update for Gluon. Build 20190725.4.

  • Push Notifications and local background fetch for mentions have been removed. I removed this to clear the way for real push notifications. Hopefully I will have this ready in the coming weeks.
  • With the above taken care of, this also fixes a crash with background fetching… because I removed that functionality altogether.
  • Added a few more loading messages when you pull to refresh. Need to tidy these up as I go and make it more consistent across the different screens.
  • Added the new Emoji for Discover - I should really implement a check server-side so I can pull them easily.
  • Under the hood upgrades - was a bit of a pain… but I hope it’s working all OK.

I’ll touch on Push Notifications on a later date. It’s coming back for sure, so don’t worry! And no… I won’t charge for them on a subscription basis 🤣

Reading a few articles about Airplay 2 coming to TV’s and how there is a “backlash” of older devices not receiving the updates… Imagine Apple announced a new phone in September and some features won’t be available on older versions… OH… WAIT.

When I open up an app for the first time and it immediately asks you to “sign up” for an account, even though the app could easily be used without an account... I just sigh 😔

Today’s Catalina problem after trying to use Time Machine backup (but failed)… computer is saying “not enough free space”… even though I have ~300GB avail. So I can’t open some applications or install updates.

Uninstalled Slack from my phone today. Never used it except a few times for notifications for dev stuff.

A rumour site is saying Beta 4 for iOS is out… but I don’t see it on the developer site… hmmm.