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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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My ears are very pleasantly happy with Dolby Atmos! Wow. Love it. Can’t wait to see more of what I listen to, to introduce this awesomeness.

I know that Apple is very consumer focused… but seeing the changes for developers like Xcode Cloud just shouts "enterprise" to me. Should I be worried that they’ll stop caring for small developers? Xcode Cloud is nice for sure, but like me… I am only 1.

iOS 15 on my test phone. I am in love with the weather app. I am also in love what they did with Safari! The way the navigation bar just appears and floats around 🥰 I think this is a great release for the consumer crowd.

So I decided to upgrade my old iPhone to iOS 15. Had to install 14.6 first though… and now we’re here (I am confident this will be smooth as butter):

My AirPods are danger low on battery. They don’t seem to charge anymore (I think the case doesn’t like wireless charging anymore). My options are… go home and work there… or walk to the Apple reseller and buy AirPods Max as a present to myself 🤨

Ah the joys… looks like my post didn’t cross post. For anyone that is interested, I am turning 35 today. Haha.

Ah yes, nothing like downloading Xcode on a cellular connection. Not bad so far.


Ah yes, another year... another birthday day for me. I turn 35 today. 35. I'm letting that sink in a little bit. 35 is still quite young.

Trying to go back in the depths of memories of the past 35 years, it does seem like a lot has changed since then. Ha. Not to mention my hair line not really existing anymore - hence I wear a hat of course.

10 years ago, come September, I married my beautiful wife. Our daughter now 7 years of age and growing up so super fast it's not even funny. I love seeing her grow mentally and physically. Such a great feeling to be part of that... even though sometimes I fail at pretty much everything to do with family.

Looking back at the past year it has been a fun ride on my project front. I launched Sublime Ads, a super simple privacy focused ad management service for apps, websites and others. It's something I always wanted to create and also get into one of my own apps, Gluon.

Gluon, an app for, has grown into something beautiful, and I am so super thankful that it exists and that there are so many great people using it. It gives me direction and hope. It shows you that a quick "app hack" can turn into something great. I would have never thought it would have come so far.

Saying all that, I am grateful where I have managed to head in the past year, even though it was a bit slower than I wanted.

Mental health has been important for me. It's been really hard not to just curl up in a corner and never face humanity again. There were days where I just wanted to stop. Throw away my phone, laptops... everything. Disappear. I lost hope in humanity, now walking zombies with zero brain matter... their phone deciding for them. It's sad. But then I came to realise... "each to their own". Everyone is welcome to do what they want and how they spend their time. Whilst I want to feel like Neo in The Matrix and educate people... this is not reality. All I can do is not create dark patterns in my own stuff to get you hooked. As a developer, I feel it’s my responsibility. Gluon isn't perfect, because it is something that can pull you in and take your time away. At the same time I recognise that people, and myself, use it to find comfort and escape from reality. This gives me joy. If, and Gluon, didn't exist I would have lost it by now.

Saying all that, I found it helpful to get comfort from random strangers regarding personal matters that I sometimes blog about. I won't mention them here as they are specific to the moment.

Looking at the future, specifically what I want to achieve in my 35 time, I don't really know. I basically just want to do what I do now. For another year and onwards.

I want to double down, as they say, on what I have. Namely Gluon for this next year. I don't want to say too much about it yet though. Also I want to add a few features to Sublime Ads. Nothing major. As a stretch goal I want to create a new web app for writing to take on HEY World.

In terms of personal goals, I didn't set any as such this year although sometimes I blog about it saying I want to achieve "less work" or something. Less work, more money haha.

I am exercising nicely, took on horse riding as a hobby, and I am eating good. Let's try and continue that, until I fall off the horse haha.

Happy birthday to you, if it's your day. If not, Happy unbirthday.


New for me this year… during WWDC… I have no beta installed anywhere. Times are changing.

I was saving the beer for WWDC today, but I made a nice dinner — so I will enjoy it with that instead. 🍻

Oooo. So it’s not long until WWDC. I listened to a few podcasts whilst driving over the weekend, and blocked my usual "rumour" sites so I am as clean as possible. No one seems to be predicting anything related to Siri… wouldn’t it be nice if they improved it?

We are back from our long weekend. An extra night and day yesterday, which was nice… but at the same time exhausting. The drive back yesterday was challenging. Slept long today though. A day of rest and feet up for the girls.

Long day. Loads of rollercoasters. No rain after all. Our daughter loved the more grown up coasters now that she’s bigger. Tomorrow we do the same again, but with her friend at least (who didn’t come because they thought it would rain).

And it’s raining. Our daughter’s best friend was supposed to join with rollercoasters today. They’re now coming tomorrow… so we have an extra day. Rain doesn’t put us off.

Eating out in Kraków tonight. Just arrived and sitting in the market. Tomorrow we go and do rollercoasters 🎢 ❤️🥳

Today, whilst putting dirty dishes into the dishwasher, I came up with a product idea… a podcast hosting service (with a directory API) or a cross platform podcast player (they could go hand in hand). Could be fun? Maybe? Thoughts?

Went riding today. Really love being around horses… and Flynn seems to be really friendly with me. A gentle giant. We took him out to the field afterwards and let him roll around and that good stuff. ❤️

I have just released version 2021.2 of Gluon for iOS. Release notes are here. As usual, I want to thank every single one of you that keeps supporting me ✌️❤️

Took some photos of the Apple Maps cars.

This one was looking outside of the restaurant where I remote work usually. Hotel is here too. We are high up usually...

This was a row of them. Our car was between them at the back. Funny.

When we first arrived, one was there covered:

Alien cars haha.

They all had German number plates from Munich.

A few Apple Map cars here in Rzeszów. They’re staying at the hotel where the nice restaurant is. Nice to see. Some are covered.