Vincent Ritter

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Restoring my hand terminal without the use of a backup. Fun project.

💡Idea: a content blocker that blocks out elements that contain certain words. Just removes them or puts some random garbage instead. I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

Taking it easy for a few days ✌️❤️

Played some basketball in school today, when I picked up my daughter. Good memories from my own school days (I was playing on the school team).

Then I turned, tripped over my legs, fell backwards.

Now I am in pain.

Was super fun though. Might explore it again.


Best change I made this week was to increase the text size on my hand terminal. Getting those original iPhone vibes. Good times.

I really appreciate the few minutes of extra daylight every day ☀️

🥳 Another client project complete. Happy. Now to try and get some more work. Has been a little dry the past 6 months 😭

Spotlight & Search has stopped working on my hand terminal. No results across apps like Mail, Messages or App Library… and the most used Spotlight 😕

Interesting problem… a URL field, that probably doesn’t have the url attribute set against it, and then have two URLs within that… even though it’s meant to handle one. Love finding edge cases like this.

Uninstalled a bunch of apps on my phone today. 19 remain. Giving my phone a little bit more of limited scope to keep everything to a minimum.

One bill at a time.

One day at a time.

One step at a time.

Snow on the forecast from Thursday onward. Looking forward to it ☃️❄️ Today is really cold… nice.

Gluon version 2022.1 has been released for iOS. Release notes are here.

I’ve been using my Apple Watch to track my sleep the past week. It’s interesting for sure. Although not used to wearing it at night… prefer to be a little bit more… ermm… bare (on the wrist).

The word "A.I." is totally overused these days. And the main thing that annoys me is… is it actually "A.I." or just an escape of saying "advanced machine algorithms that is not actually A.I. — and not really intelligent as such"?

We need a Turing Test before you can call it AI.

And so, as I go to bed, I learned what a "Sun-Earth Lagrange Point (L2)" is. Love this kind of stuff 🌍☀️🛰

Gluon version 2022.1 has been submitted for review 🤞❤️