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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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The Digital Ocean App Platform looks mighty interesting! 🧐

I just released version 2020.5 of Gluon for Android! Release notes are here. Probably forgot a few things. Thanks so much for the feedback to everyone using it on Android ❤️✌️

One more deploy for Sublime Ads… it’s been on the list, because some have asked for it… I call it "boring" mode. So a little bit less of those funky angles.

First smart watch I have seen recently, in a movie from 1982… in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. 🤯

New in Sublime Ads… you can disable stats in settings. That means no tap/click is recorded and it will also hide the graphs.

Deploying changes…

Working on a little feature, on Sublime Ads, to disable "tap" tracking and the graphs - because at the end of the day, I don’t want to look at numbers.

🎙 #20 - Playing games, coding and Christmas shopping.

Abstract Development

Hello dear listeners, it's been a while. So last time I recorded and released it was in July... woah!

Anyway, here I am rambling away as usual. Am I selling it yet? Probably not.

I talk quickly about Gluon and the rewrite for SwiftUI... I've not been doing much here yet. Then I mention trying to release an update for Android "today". Let's see.

I talk about playing more games and less coding. Don't get me wrong, I love coding - it actually replaced my game playing for a long time.

Whilst on the topic on SwiftUI, later on in the episode, I mention picking up an older project and re-write it.

Amazon... Christmas shopping. Eeeekkkk.

Parenting is hard when your kid just doesn't listen to you anymore. Is this normal? 😭

Thanks for listening.


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At the weekend we went to the place in the countryside, which belongs to my wife’s family. Only a little place for summer with a nice garden. We said goodbye to it. They sold it 😢 We had good memories there. We were even offered it a few weeks ago - to which we hinted at "yes TOTALLY". Next day I got a text to say "oh, never mind about your plans - it’ll be best to sell". Shame.

We can’t go back there anymore. Done. No longer belongs to the family… stupid. We had no say in it at all. I spent time over summer to make plans for it too - give it a new lease of life - perhaps even build a small house to live.

In other news…the car has a new, fresh, dent. Nice! Closed the gate there, and the wind picked it up and smashed it into the side of the car. At least it’s a small memory to keep hold of.

Are loading indicators important, in apps, when stuff happens in the background? Or would you prefer to only see them when you, that lovely person using the app, does a decisive action that will cause, or where you expect, some sort of activity? Make sense?

My desk… current set up (like always actually). Moved my charger out of the drawer. Don’t like the sound it makes every time I open it. Blank slate as I go into a break and then continue with something new when I get back.

Pushed out a small update to the beta for Gluon on Android. It’s Build 35. Contains a few tweaks here and there. Hopefully I’ll get this out to everyone end of this week ✌️

One more thing about converting my blog is images… at the moment they are hosted on S3 and go through Cloudflare CDN… no idea what kind of workflow I need to add so it automatically uploads them. I’m a UI kinda guy for stuff like this.

Home screen of my "MiniP", still missing my Apple version of Gluon. Usually have weather in that stack, but it rotated to the music instead:

Have been looking at moving my website away from a CMS and go back into the static route (11ty, Jekyll etc). But the most daunting thing for me would be… converting every post to Markdown. I nearly have 2,000 posts… I would have to do it via RSS or JSON feed and convert that way.

So, a bit of a creative block this week. I don’t know what it is but I’m finding it hard to stay motivated. I have so much I want to do - but my mind doesn’t want to engage. Am I having too much in my mind and just am overwhelmed? Step by step? Think of the longterm goal?

I have emails from August… that still need actioning. I really love email, but sometimes I need to push myself to get to them. I fail at that at times.

Real books 📚, on my bedside table, that I’m trying to read depending on my mood:

On Apple Books I’ve started reading:

A parcel from a fruit company arrived yesterday, with something Mini in it. Let’s just say that’s the size a phone should be. I was amazed how quickly I got used to it in a span of minutes. Going back to my X for some backup stuff and just thought… "that’s HUGE" 🤯

So… I have a Mac mini running Pi Hole. I’m thinking of using it more to do some website build steps - so that my server doesn’t do it. No idea how or where to start for that…

Trying to:

No idea…

I mention it because Rails is super slow at compiling assets and it also eats up resources on the server. So I want to look at doing it beforehand and just let it grab the "pre-compiled" version.