Vincent Ritter

Hello, I'm Vincent. I'm a dad, husband, geek and an independent software engineer. Check out the apps I make, personal ventures I'm currently pursuing, websites I worked on and other things like my blog posts and thoughts, my micro blog. There is also a now page, to keep me in check on what I'm working on right now.

Deleting 50,000 images on Google Photos has been a pain... glad it's now done. Next step, delete my Google account and consolidate.

WWDC short wish list - better family sharing built in across the board. Picking two random ones:

  1. Shared iCloud Photos Library (done properly).
  2. Shared Movies and TV Shows etc on the "TV" app.

Perhaps just consolidate Family purchases into one (make it an option). Apple could do so well with this stuff.

Simple Schedule - a month after beta.

After spending a tremendous amount of time on shipping a beta for Simple Schedule, fixing loads of bugs and moving hosting provider, I took a break from it all.

It’s now been one month (and a few days) since I launched the beta version of the app. I’m pretty happy where it ended it up and I am also happy that I took the time to learn the process of creating an app using the Rails framework.

I don’t… can’t… go into much detail of what I did for a whole month, so I’ll just dig in on what is next.

The newsletter

Before I move on though, here are some interesting stats from the newsletter that went out. I didn’t track how many people actually opened the email. It doesn’t interest me… I find it clouds my judgement. MailChimp didn’t give me an option to disable tracking on links though… you have to pay for that.

  1. Out of 80 that signed up within the 30 days, 10 were fake accounts.
  2. 1 person, who clicked a link, and signed up via the newsletter form, reported the email as spam ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Out of 70, minus 1, no one signed up from that newsletter.

So, interesting insight really. I’m not sure why people signed up for it and then ultimately decided that a few days later that they don’t want to sign up. Perhaps it was the promise of a free account for people that supported the project. I’m not sure.

However, seeing people sign up to the newsletter gave me hope which ultimately kept me going. I went through some super difficult time in life, so working on the site kept me going. Even if you didn’t sign up, I want to say thank you for keeping me motivated.


I decided to ditch pricing for now. Easy as that. My current servers are more than capable of handling the app, so I have no need to do anything special. Once there are a few thousand sign ups, I’ll rethink it. But as long as I can sustain it personally I am more than happy to keep it a free service.

Things are missing

I didn’t complete everything, with two items still outstanding. I’ll get to them eventually but I’m in no rush at the moment.

On top, I have been working hard on client projects. These pay for keeping the lights on and gives me the luxury to make it a free service.

On that note, I would say that Simple Schedule is in a good place and now just needs a bit of time to hopefully gain a bit of traction. I don’t mind if that is a slow process over a year or even longer. My goal is organic traction, so let’s see.

The most important part is that I shipped something, I learned a new framework and that I am happy of where it got me.

Last night I sat down and started sketching out my next idea for a new web service, including web app and iOS app. I already picked out a name. I'm not sure if I'm going to manage full on blog posts this time around though. Let's see.

My home screen, now that the sun is coming out... thought I'll tweak it a little and scale back. The other screen has a few folders with essentials... but nothing I touch on a daily basis.

I don't mind too much... but why do organisations not generally include UTC time for events or other time related things? It's a universal constant... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Every time I tap the home button on my phone, when working on my computer, my mouse just refuses to work and jerks everywhere for a few seconds. Then it's back to normal. It never did that... wonder what it is.

Today, Apple Music is deciding to skip most tracks about 50% through playback... even though the track is loaded 100%.

Have been doing some C# dev with Visual Studio on my Windows 10 VM this past week. Oh the memories...

Balancing 3 projects has taken a toll on my ability to get out blog posts and thoughts. But I'm happy I have found a few clients.

I think I need to say "Polyglot coder" in my profile. Been balancing 3 client projects, one in C# and a Jekyll (Ruby) frontend implementation, a PHP website and also for a first... a React web app (Javascript). All good fun.

iCloud Drive being funny today... It's downloading all old files... that I deleted months ago. Anyone else seeing this? Computer is crawling...

Removed my old OpenVPN server and now running a nice IKEv2 VPN server using a docker image on Linode. Love it! Not only that... built in support on the OS level throughout so no need for a third party app.

In an attack of a thought wave the other day, the site now turns dark after 19:00 (of course, you have the option to go bright). Wish macOS and iOS allows a dark mode to automatically switch when it gets dark outside (at a system level).