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I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and a software creator 👨‍💻

I create apps for the web & handhelds. Strongly opinionated.

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Is it just me or does GitHub feel slower and slower the more months/years, since MS acquired them, roll by? Can we have quick websites back again please?

"Hey Siri, play the Mindfulness playlist"

"Now playing, Pure Meditation" 🤷‍♂️

Note to self... block "" at the DNS level so the Apple App Store can no longer load crap (anything). Updates still work for existing apps.

One note about the "metaverse". I think it's disgusting. Anyone pushing further disconnect of life and the real world and taking away physical contact or items... should be put in a straitjacket and shipped to a maximum security mental institute. Locked up. Forgotten.

I didn't want to rant yet again on my blog... I was stopping myself so much (hence no blog posts). But I think staying quiet isn't healthy either.

Life is not all peachy. In fact, many times it just feels shit. You have to see through that shit and find light.

So I won't pretend it's all fluffy and nice.

It's really frustrating for me to watch first world problems about "social networks". Makes me scream inside. So much media coverage about absolute bullshit.

Just get the fuck outside... like outside into the real world. Head up. In awe.

Life is not in your handheld.

I don't understand all this faff around Instagram. It's run by stupid people that just want to maximise your engagement. That's it. They don't value you. They don't care.

Maybe... just maybe... go outside and enjoy some real stuff. Put the phone down. Leave it.

I recently switched to NetNewsWire, which I used years ago. It's a real good app. Simple, but very very good! Nothing fancy, no gimmicks but rock solid.

I do wish there was a "bookmark" feature, so I can subscribe to a site, without it showing in my "unread" pile.

No energy to get writing on my blog. Don't feel like it lately. Probably a phase. For now, I remain quiet... let life take me without having to think what to write or share. A simpler approach. Stepping back. Doing instead. Connecting. Living. Enjoying. Stillness.

Our daughter is away for a few days… a first for us. With relatives.

My wife and I had plans to go on a date tonight. The consensus is to stay in instead 😅 Too lazy to get ready.

It was a different sort of day. The trouble of day to day parenting not on us… kinda weird.

Our daughter brings a different kind of dynamic into our daily lives. Makes the places we go lively.

The silence is eerie.

This is only day one.

Released a minor update to Gluon this weekend. Both 2022.2 for Android and 2022.5 for iOS. Release notes here. Basically fixes a crashing bug when opening the post editor... and probably added some new crashes 🤣