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My 2018 WWDC Wishlist

If you’re following the Apple universe, you’ll know that the Word Wide Developer Conference is happening next week! So I thought I’ll write about things I’d like to see them announce. Of course there are rumours, but let’s not get into detail here. There are also a few points that don’t really fit into the “dev” perspective. Anyway here we go, in no particular order:

Xcode Lite

This came to me during the weekend, however I’d like to see Apple come up with a lightweight version of Xcode, or let’s say a Text Editor, something like Visual Studio Code, Atom or Sublime Text.

I’m not expecting a cross platform app (Windows), but I do want to see this live both on macOS and iOS. Something to get you coding quickly on any Apple device. Hopefully, but probably not, based on ‘Marzipan’. We’ll see.

As Apple are mainly focusing on App development, it doesn’t necessarily have to support web dev - although that would be super nice! Which brings me to my next bit.

Better support for Swift on the Server

I really like Swift! When it came out I was all over it. Seeing it expand to the Server side of things really floats my boat. I’ve played around with it, however the tools really don’t exist to make this easy. Xcode doesn’t really allow web development, which is fair enough.

It would be great to see better Swift on the Server support in Xcode or a new editor to take the throne here. It’s got real potential and I want to see it grow!

Live App tiles

To quote myself:

Would be nice to see more 'live' app icon tiles in iOS 12. For example the Activity app could have active activity rings on the home screen. Would be cool.

iCloud for Business

Would be super nice to see custom domains being used with an iCloud account. Something like Google Apps offers, but Apple-y.

Updated MacBook Pro’s

It would be great to see a spec bump, at least, to their MacBook Pros. To be honest, I’m in the market for one so would like to see something here - not a big deal. My Mac mini is great and does the job (yup!), however it’s not very portable - a situation I find myself in often (being away).

Better iTunes Connect iOS App

This is on the wish list… I like their online portal, however their iOS App… lacks hugely. A nice update to bring it up to scratch to a level like AppFigures or something will be super welcome. I have the app uninstalled as it was really bad, often not working or failing to do anything.

Disconnect major apps from iOS release cycles

I’d love to see Apple disconnect major development on Apps like Music. We all know they can do it, just look how awesome Clips is.

It will bring faster release cycles to keep up with the likes of Spotify. However, I do appreciate the deliberate slow approach Apple takes. At the end of the day their apps, for iOS, are certainly way better than most apps put in the store (comparing Spotify and Apple Music).

Be good to see faster release cycles though, to do something awesome and generally improve the experience without having to wait. I’m unsure how they do it with Android at the moment, suspect it’s just as slow.

Why wait for the whole OS to update before shipping? Sure, keep the UI similar - to keep within the current OS guidelines. A few nice updates throughout the year would really work well.

Some apps that could benefit from this:

  • Apple Music
  • Photos
  • TV
  • Books
  • Podcasts
  • Notes
  • Maps

I do appreciate they are one big machine, so having everyone focus on one end goal to ship is probably better.

Other notes

Last years WWDC was full of amazement. Blown away during every step. It’ll be hard for them to do it this year again… in a way I think they will do though!

For this year, I will actually be travelling on the day… so after many years… I might miss it. However, I am planning to arrive in time for the keynote - so let’s see.

Currently troubleshooting my Mac Mini that somehow forgot how to even connect to a wireless network. Had to move it into another room last week for a meeting, been playing up since I moved it back to the usual spot.

I've updated my Code Challenge page to make space for Sublime Feed and also add a bit more information. Also archived the Simple Schedule posts here, for easy access.

Didn't feel too creative today, however it will do me for now.

I've noticed a lot of sites now employing MASSIVE cookie warning messages and other things that look wrong. I'm really happy that "Reader View" exists in Safari. Just bypass all the noise!

Would be nice to see more 'live' app icon tiles in iOS 12. For example the Activity app could have active activity rings on the home screen. Would be cool.

She certainly can go fast on it without loosing balance. Pedal bike upgrade coming up soon. Loved the way the colours came out. Pink is her favourite!

Opened up Steam today... to be presented with a warning... didn't know it was a 32-bit app on macOS! Wish they updated it too. Doesn't feel very native.

One thing I like about Spotify that Apple Music should totally copy, is the ability to sync playback between devices. Just stopped listening on the Mac, heading out... and here you go... Spotify can resume where you left it on iOS. It's the little things.

Any recommendations on a small, portable and good quality podcast microphone? Not looking for anything too expensive. USB-C is a plus.

For a client whom you indicated a "yes" to for a project, is it OK to cancel the commitment? I haven't quoted yet and said I will get back to them... I came to realise that the project at hand will be too risky for a small return.

After a week in hospital with our daughter, I'm happy to say that we came back yesterday night. My wife and I are shattered... our daughter being her usual self.

Thank you to everyone that reached out. It really means a lot!

Had a mad few days in hospital with our daughter. She was scheduled for an operation but is too unwell for it, now we have to stay until Friday to get her better. Operation rescheduled for beginning of June. Fingers crossed.

After months of nursing and taking care of my Apple screen, it finally decided to die. To stretch the month I bought a really cheap external screen to hook up to the Mini. OH how I miss the quality of the Apple screen already!

Just signed up to a local computer shop e-commerce website... They sent me my password, in plain text, via email. Lovely.