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Hello, I'm Vincent. I'm a dad, husband, geek, an independent software engineer and “starter" that also freelances. Check out the apps I make, personal projects I'm currently working on and other things like my quick posts/thoughts and full blog posts.

Something I have to relearn is text selection on iOS13. It's weird… certainly much nicer though!

Another update for Gluon on iOS which I hope you enjoy.

  • Loading indicators are pretty much gone except the pull to refresh one. The app still does a few things in the background (for example prefetching the feed), however this is way better UX in my opinion.
  • Images Modal - the one you know and love from earlier builds. So instead of navigating out of the app, you’ll get a nice modal. Swipe left or right for more (if there are more), swipe down to close and your usual pinch-to-zoom action. Happy I managed to get that finally in.
  • The Photos tab is now named Media - this shows both images and videos from your timeline.

Thanks to Eli (@eli) for pointing out the many many loading indicators.

A quick note on loading:

The app, at the moment, pre-fetches the feeds when you navigate to each screen. This is for a few reasons. The main reason is that the API is a bit slow at times. So to avoid this and give you the illusion of quick loading it grabs the feed straight away. This means if you do a “pull to refresh” the feed is actually already being fetched in the background. I think, for now, this is the best answer to avoid the sometimes long loading times (they can vary between 1 and 6 seconds). And it gives you the feedback you need when you do do a pull-to-refresh.

Just pushed out another TestFlight build for Gluon. Here are the release notes:

  • Background Audio now continues to play when a video loads. So if you’re listening to a podcast or music, they’ll keep going!
  • When you do a “Pull to Refresh” you will now see the loading indicator at the top - as you would expect. Anything in the background or automatic will still trigger the little green and red spinner - but not the pull to refresh one.
  • List items now have the correct bullet point colour set depending on your theme.

Thanks again for all the feedback so far. Keep it coming!

Also… the dark theme looks out of date on iOS13 (for any of you running it). I’ll probably add a third true dark theme with a black background. The current one I’ll just name “Space Grey/Gray”.

I’ll update the Android build during the week as I need to tackle some specific Android issue that I didn’t have the time for.


Today I turn 33. It’s strange. When I was a teenager everyone around me seemed to be 33. I remember this fondly. And here, today, it’s my turn.

I’m finally at a turning point in my life, after years of trial and error which path to take, I believe that I’ve come up with a plan for the next 33 years (and more). Although it’s a plan, I deeply feel it’s the right thing to do.

I wasted a lot of time in my youth, although aiming for other life goals, which ultimately brought me to this point. I feel I’m late to the party, however I’m happy where I am now. Now I just need to nurture it and really live it, breathe it and most importantly stick to it.

This week had me thinking a lot about the future, especially that I have a family to take care of too (that’s not something you think about when you’re a kid). It’s not easy doing everything solo, it does put a tremendous weight on your shoulders and in a world where everything seems to be free it’s hard to make a living where you want to.

I’ve got a few updates and plans to share with you on what that means going forward. But, for today I want to thank everyone, especially my family and friends and my readers/followers, for all your support, your emails and feedback. It keeps me going, it really does, and you have no idea how happy that makes me.

Here is to many more years and if today is your birthday too: Happy Birthday!

Yesterday morning we went to the dentist and they have a UV light in one of the play rooms. Plays funny tricks on the front facing camera. Featured is my amazing daughter, my beautiful bold patch at the top and my long curly hair.

Great Drum & Bass tune 🎶 : Cherokee Heart by Dkay.

Not for everyone, but I urge you to wear headphones and listen beyond the “drum and bass” that the average listener would associate with this type of music.

Great for calm and steady coding.

I’ve been to the gym yesterday morning, after some time away from it.

Things I did not miss: Angry people dropping weights like idiots. People on their phone, messaging or, worse, talking. The bad music. The smell.

I think it’s been raining 6 out 7 days for the past 5 weeks, with a day or two of sunshine. Really gets to you!

Just pushed out an update to Gluon that adds video playback for timeline items. I know I’m late to the party! The videos repeat/loop and they are muted as default. You’ll get your normal iOS/Android controls. I’ll add a few settings to this feature.

I like the idea of “Mac Open Web” - - but what about other platforms? They surely also do, and need, “open”. It should be global awareness for the better good.

Also a shame that the launch list only provides the “big names”. Of course I understand that you can create a pull request, but some initial research into it should provide a gold mine of indie developers all trying to contribute in big or small ways.

I guess it’s early days for the site, but I’d love to see everyone come together across many platforms and fields. We already have diversity problems, so it would be nice to see something more global across platforms.

An “open web” is, after all, open to all, and not just a subset of people on one particular platform.

My next project after Gluon will be a cross platform RSS reader. However it’ll be simple and do away with unread counts or any other “OMG I’m so behind on everything” feelings. Something simple and enjoyable. More on that soon.

I got the go-ahead to showcase some of the client work I’ve been working on the past few years. Hoping to add that to my site when I have time this year. So probably Christmas 😂 Can’t wait to show people.

Pushed out a smaller, but bigger behind the scenes, update for Gluon.

I gave some loving to the Android version and fixed a few bugs! Also added experimental local push notifications for mentions on Android. Give it a go!

iOS now also has local push notifications again! I pretty much re-wrote the background fetching so it should be much much better in handling background tasks. Which brings me to my next point:

The app used to, 25% of the time, ask you to log back into the account randomly… I REALLY hope I have now fixed this. Please let me know if it works for you! I’m testing like crazy, but the more feedback I have the better!

Also, I want to apologise for all the “Gluon” noise! I’m testing between two accounts with different devices… I promise to blog about other stuff than just Gluon 😊 It’s where my head is at at the moment!

I’m hoping to wrap it up in the coming weeks to get it out there into the wild.