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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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A lovely sunny day again today.

Felt somewhat negative and “meh” the past few days.

The sunshine helps.

I’m happy that Visual Studio Code now allows auto theme switching depending on the OS. So I’m giving it a try and switched to “auto” on macOS. Text looks so much better on a light background.

Just been using the GitBook backend to make a few edits here and there for a client. So SLOW. Shame. Seems like a good product but relies heavily on a frontend JS framework. 6.7 MB just for a simple text page 🤯

As a developer, I feel ashamed.

Call me sour… but looking at the unifying of the App Stores by sharing a single purchase, for iOS and Mac, is another step to de-value quality apps and make more of them move to the subscription model. Mac and iOS pricing needs to be on a level playing field, which clearly it is not.

At the same time I totally get it and can see the benefit.

And just to follow up that rejection, the previous build of Gluon was only flagged for using the “” name - so they were clearly happy with my blocking integration.

Gluon was… Rejected. Reasons… for the exact same ones than the initial rejection… even though the app now includes all the blocking features they asked for. I am lost for words 😶

iOS home screen for February.

Currently watching the 2007 Macworld Keynote where Apple announces the iPhone. ❤️

So I won’t be recording the podcast today, too noisy here in the car with the rain. I’ll try at my desk during the week.

I’ll put the clip of the rain in though, kinda nice to just listen to the different sounds.

I kinda miss my original iPhone. I still have it, but doesn’t boot past the Apple logo on the screen.

I remember the keynote vividly. Such a great phone with great software.

Currently sitting in my Podcast Studio (in the car). It’s raining and it’s cold. So there will be some ambient noises 😏

Quick update on the Gluon for app review. It went into Review Saturday evening, and it still is in the same status. Only time will tell. I’m hopeful it goes through. Will update everyone how it goes… Good or bad.

Yes… I did just pour hot water into this mornings French press (coffee maker). Yes... I’m drinking it. ☕️

Great to see the Discover timeline on being so active and regularly updated!

Great job! Really makes the platform shine.

So… after receiving much feedback about the feed position jumping on Gluon when it’s updated, when you’re at a random position in the timeline, I added a tweak that will now maintain the position if new items come in.

If you’re scrolled to the top, it will however maintain at the top. If you scrolled down by one item, it will keep the position no matter what and load everything in at the top.

I hope this solves some issues/annoyances that you’re having. It’s still very much a trial to see how my default options are working; I’m sure there is room for improvement.

Should have it in TestFlight during the week.

I don’t want to add any tabs at the top to indicate an “unread” count - I’ll think of something else like a small orange arrow or something. I personally don’t like unread counts or anything like that. Life is made too busy by numbers.

Room for improvement for sure.

Just pushed out TestFlight build 14 for Gluon. It adds the February photo challenge to Discover and fixes “webcal” links. More details here about the integration. Enjoy it and happy blogging and photo taking!

Adding the "2020 February Photoblogging Challenge” for to the Discover screen on Gluon. Will push it out to TestFlight users shortly. Wish I could add it to Android today, but am too behind.

A “proof of concept” for future events too 😊

Just working on database design. Nice to do something a little different.

Hello? Anyone there?

Great article on Signal v. Noise regarding micro-services and, I guess, modern web development. I particularly like this:’ll see that the web is actually much the same as it always was. Sure, a few expectations increased here, and a couple of breakthrough techniques appeared there, but fundamentally, it’s the same. What changed was us. And mostly not in ways for the better.

I think the modern approach to web is wrong. There is nothing better than working with one codebase for both backend and frontend. I don’t want to have several repos, projects or frameworks split across a project. Keeping them all tied together in my head…

If your lived experience still haven’t hit the inevitable wall of defeat on the question of microservices, then be my guest, sit there with your folded arms and your smug pout. It’s ok. I get it. There’s not an open slot for this argument in your brain just yet. It’s ok. I’m patient!

I know David (@dhh) is vocal about things like this. I wish more people, in positions like him, would also speak up, instead of making this landscape of web development so damn hard. It’ll be better for everyone. From newcomers (important!) to seasoned professionals.