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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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Meh, 04:00 AM... let’s try this going to bed thing again...

I love the process of tweaking things when I’m close to shipping something (websites, apps etc). Had a great Sublime Ads session today. Hopefully it’s ready soon ❤️✌️Now it’s time for bed.

If anyone has any interest, I’m currently working on the new homepage for Sublime Ads. I’ve enabled it and you can have a peek. Wording will probably be changed as I go. Also need some screenshots and of course a pricing section. Happy what I have achieved so far.

Oooo, my car started itself. Guess it doesn’t like the extremer coldness today on the battery. At least I get some warmth now.

My girls are somewhere in town for an hour or so. I’m sitting in the car, waiting - don’t want to mingle with people. Trying to see how long the battery lasts... probably me getting real cold first.

Making some progress on the new homepage for Sublime Ads… and yeah, will probably work on the wording as I go (as usual).

Whilst I managed to get some of my more important project work done during my sleepless night, I fell asleep after breakfast and woke up at 15:00. Now I feel like I’m totally behind. I’m hungry, need to do the dishes, shower… feels like not enough time left in the day.

Another sleepless night… it’s 03:00 AM. Guess I’ll do a bit of coding.

I check the post box every second day, usually when I take out the trash. Today I have seen an advisory slip of a tracked package, that came on the 23rd of December. Now it was returned to sender. Damn… where did it come from??? Why did I not see it???

Better late than never, however my little server management project,, is now "on hold". Last year was too depressing, and working with servers was also depressing - so I had to move on from it.

I don’t know what I’ll do with it, perhaps server monitoring...

Added the wording of "per month" to the pricing section of my latest Sublime Ads update post, concerning the free tiers. Might be confusing otherwise.

Sublime Ads - to the finish line & pricing plans.

It's been a while since I wrote a longer post regarding Sublime Ads. So where to begin?

It's nearly there

Whilst I think progress was slow it has been going steady. As usual I am balancing more client work than my own work... but that's just the way it is. Pays the bills.

Over the past few days I worked every evening to make progress with it.

I'm happy to say, bar a real homepage and some more documentation, it is pretty much ready to launch.

Changes, changes and... tweaks

There are always a million things that you find as you go. Some you just don't know about until you're months in and you find edge cases. So I fixed those that I could find by chance!

Leading up the launch there were a few things I wanted to tackle like a account - so if you come from there and want to use it, I have a special free "Basic+" (basic plus) account with generous usage. Everyone seems to use the "+" sign these days... might as well join in.

That meant I had to add a few extra checks and mess with the subscription model a little. Worry not, it's all worked out!

Of course, there were wording changes everywhere... it's never going to be finished!

One of the bigger viewable changes made was to re-work the settings page with better navigation. Also made it slightly wider. Looks like this (API Key is a test one, before you want to try it):

And yeah, they jump around as you hover over them... I couldn't resist... and if your don't like it... I added an option some weeks ago to disable the playful UI.


Sublime Ads will launch as a paid service. However, I will also allow a free "basic" tier that allows API and embed usage of 1000 hits. That means you can load up your embeds or anything straight from the API 1,000 times in a given month.

If you come from, you will have a Basic+ account. That has 3,000 usage points per month. To put that into perspective, my own site is way below that limit - so it's a great limit I reckon. If you come from, just let me know as and when you sign up and I will mark your account accordingly.

Everyone that signs up, once it's open for registration, will have a free trial of the monthly plan for 14 days. That means no limits to what you can do. Perfect for you to get started and get adding to your very own app, site or whatever (digital billboard?).

After that time, you can either subscribe for a small monthly (currently at $7/month) or you will automatically be downgraded to the Basic plan.

7 is a nice number, so I will leave it there for now. As time goes and accounts grow, I'll be increasing the price. Worry not, you will always be on the same monthly that you signed up with... unless you cancel or let your subscription lapse.

I'm not interested in complicated pricing points. Between you and me, I did try and work something out, but at the end of the day I just want to keep it super simple. So here we are - and that's why we have a free "basic" tier.


The homepage, or the marketing page as some like to call it, is my next step. That's the biggest thing I need to worry about now. Tax was my first worry, but I dug in and just did it.

I really would love to do a live build of the homepage or something - I'm thinking of starting a Discord for that purpose. Would that be of interest? Might be utterly boring. Only problem would be my creativity - might be non-existent at any specific time.

It's all sketched out on a piece of paper... ready to go and implement.


That's still ongoing. I'm happy where it is already, but I need to do more here.

Also thinking about onboarding videos at some stage. Although right now, as I write this, I'd love to do some live onboarding sessions with anyone that would like it.

General feeling

I've been using the platform since around April last year and I'm happy with the way it shaped up. There are already a few accounts, with my dear testers, that are also using it.

Whilst I haven't heard back from some, I believe Sublime Ads is performing well. Since I had it up and running, I had zero downtime. Let's keep it that way haha.

There are more things I want to add... as always... however I am super happy with where it is now. It's minimal, it's quick and it works.


Yeah, this was important to me... so last year I started looking at alternative server providers that provide 100% renewable hosting. I ditched Linode (sorry) and went with a German hosting provider, based in Germany (yay for data protection!). Hetzner (referral link) provides amazing servers for a great price which will allow me to grow as we go... on top all their servers run on 100% renewable! NICE.

Next steps

As I mentioned above, it's the homepage that is left to do and then it's ready to go. I won't be doing any launch press release or anything, just a normal blog post and go from there. I haven't really figured out how to go about spreading the word... but blogging is good for me. Might just do a special episode for my podcast too.

So, launch day? No idea yet... client work, other stuff... life... etc.

Thanks for reading ❤️

When you watch movies and they inject people with truth serum… just get me drunk on Sambuca and the flood of truth starts - no needles required.

My past self has implemented Team accounts for Sublime Ads. Thank you self ✌️😂

Podcast done and sorted. Client emails sent. Accounting, urrrrrghhhh done. Now time for food, but first some exercising ❤️

🎙 #22 - January is for planning.

Abstract Development

The holiday plans were just plans after all. Nothing happened, but that doesn't mean you failed. Family time is important.

January is the month I plan for something new I want to pursue over the course of the year. From ideas in the shower (and other places) it goes to my notebook. First physical and then digital.

It's important to pursue your own ideas, no matter if someone else has done it. Don't be put off by it.

But first, I want to launch Sublime Ads in Q1 - I also talk about more tax/vat related stuff... boring. Did I say it's boring?

Designing in code... it's just easier for me. I prefer it from head to code. I'm just one person after all.

Did I mention Gluon? Nope.

And then I try not to spill too much on my new project idea.


Duration: 00:10:02

Another good evening progressing with launching Sublime Ads. Just need to sort out payment plans and then I can work on the "home" page. Let’s see where I’m at come end of the week ✌️

You know… over the holidays I was looking once again to migrate over to using Laravel for new projects. But here I am, just too much in love with Ruby on Rails ❤️. I need to let Laravel go. I need to grow with Rails. Make it so!

Spent around 4 hour last night on more tax related things for Sublime Ads… Yeah, went to bed at 05:00, but it was good fun to sort. Happy it’s one thing less I have to do. Etching closer to release. Maybe by the end of the month it’s finally ready.

Apple should buy Signal.