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A server provisioning service for Ruby on Rails, Laravel and static based projects, with zero downtime deployments including your usual mix of common PHP CMS platforms like Craft CMS or Wordpress.

"Every month I spend more money just to manage my servers and apps than actually running them. Having multiple providers to manage different projects and frameworks isn't great. I want a solution that is fair, doesn't have limits - like the amount of servers - and ticks a few essential boxes with flexibility.”

To pre-register your interest head on over to the website:

You can also read the announcement post here.

Project posts

I’ve slowly been working on Picard. Worked on the sign up process styling and also encryption of data.

Here is the UI after you put in your email address:

And once you verify:

Not too pretty, but it will do.

Blog post soon with announcement 🖖

I’m using TailwindCSS with Picard. It’s really great… although it takes a bit to get used to. I have written zero CSS at this stage though and I love it!

And here is the result so far!

For anyone interested what my next code challenge will be about, Picard… it’s aimed at developers running their own [to be revealed 😱]. It’s something I have a need for, for my own day to day, and nothing like it really exists (it does, but not the way I want… or anything that is affordable).

It's underway and I’m working on a “pre-register” page and will announce more soon once that's ready.

It’ll be another series of blogging and maybe also a podcast or a video series - still to decide.

Here is a sneak peek at the top left of the holding page:

I totally dig the image my sister came up with (after my clear and precise specification of “Picard"). THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ❤️🖖

First commit for Picard.

Bought a domain name. It’s slowly getting serious.

To be revealed in the coming days.