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Release notes for Sleepy Eyes v2.5

I’m happy to announce a small but great update to my iOS app, Sleepy Eyes (version 2.5).


  • Timer can now be set to up to 3 hours… because sometimes 60 minutes isn’t enough.
  • Sounds now fade in when you start playing them. To avoid those moments when you’re tired and the sudden start of the sound makes you panic. No more.
  • iPad fixed issues with Settings screen, now works nicely.
  • You can now increase the timer from the lock screen when you’re playing a sound. Neat.
  • Removed the timer slider control - yes, that existed.
  • Various other behind the scene fixes and improvements.
  • The app now requires iOS 10 or higher.
  • Now running on Swift 3.

Another thing I did is remove any third party tracking that was used to track a few things like how many times a sound was played, what the most set sleep time is and various other things. It never tracked any identifiable information, of course! It was also helpful to alert me of any crashes. However, Apple’s built in analytics and crash reporting is way more appealing to me. Not only does it give me the piece of mind that your information will never be sold to anyone (without my knowledge), but it also allows me to open up any crash reports straight in Xcode. That’s neat! Oh and because I removed the third party code, the app now starts considerably faster!

A few updates and change of direction for the app are coming at some stage this year.

Can’t wait to make it even better!

Happy calming and sleeping!

Go grab it on the App Store.

(you have no idea how many times I fall asleep testing the app!)

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