Vincent Ritter


A showcase of some of my apps for iOS.

These are some of the apps I've crafted. Enjoy them as much I love working on them. All active and maintained.

If you need support, contact me here via email.

Gluon for

  • iOS & Android App

Gluon is a cross platform iOS and Android app designed for


Gluon is a cross platform iOS and Android app designed for

The app is still in development!

There is a public TestFlight beta now available and you can open this on your phone:

It's a work in progress, so check out all the posts to keep up to date. Updates are coming as I go, so be sure to check out the dedicated section on my site with all posts related to Gluon development.

There is a public Trello board up to, so you can see what works, what doesn't, what is planned and what bugs people have reported. Link here:

    Sleepy Eyes

    • iOS App

    A beautiful white noise app for baby and you.


    A selection of personally tried and tested white noises that may help you and/or your baby to sleep. Trust me, it works on me just testing the app.

    • 10 carefully selected sounds.
    • Easy to reach controls for when your little one is causing mayhem or if you're extra sleepy. No thumbling around with delicate controls.
    • Beautiful and simple design.
    • A sleep timer to suit all your needs.
    • Beautiful and big icons to show your little one.
    • Keep the sound playing even when looking around the app. (Yes, some apps don't do it!)
    • No in-app purchases, just a great app at an amazing price with ongoing support.

    Featuring sound icons by Tom Declat, nice!

    Just Block

    • iOS App

    An iOS content blocker with personality.


    NOTE: This app is no longer available. Thanks to everyone for using it and all of your great reviews! Read about why here.

    Just Block is the third party tracker content blocker you've been waiting for!

    Away with the bloat and in with the speed and saved megabytes that you deserve.

    • Super simple, one button does it all.
    • Updated to keep that ad list updated.
    • The only blocker that just seems to work.
    • We don't sell ads, like other ad blockers seem to do.
    • Probable 'the' cutest ad blocker out there.
    • Set and forget. Although do check in on Mr. Sun.

    Potion Bakery

    • iOS iMessage Sticker Pack

    Two cats and her owner are on a mission.


    Introducing 40 magical, beautiful and unique stickers from the Potion Bakery featuring two cats and their owner. Drawn by FPM, yah, she's awesome!