Vincent Ritter

Release notes: Sleepy Eyes v2.6

A tiny but totally great update to Sleepy Eyes (version 2.6).

A new Settings screen built from scratch and localised into 4 different languages. I’ve also included some accessibility improvements here.


  • A new settings screen, which is now localised to Japanese, German, Dutch and Polish. English too!
  • Fixed a bug where the timer would not correctly increase or decrease once the sound started to play.
  • Improved localisation for Japanese, German, Dutch and Polish. More coming soon.

I wasn’t too happy with the one before so I hope this settles it for you folks. Hoping to add more full localisation to the app in future and better accessibility.

Future development:

This is my last update to the app for version 2. Work on version 3 has begun after months of planning and designing. I don’t have a release date yet but it will be ready when it’s ready.

Version 3 will be a complete rebuild of the whole app and sounds. I’m starting from scratch.

If there are major issues on version 2, I will be sure to fix them though!

Happy calming and sleeping!

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