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Release notes: Sleepy Eyes v2.7

With iOS 11 now being generally available, I’ve released an update to Sleepy Eyes (version 2.7) to fix a few bugs, add a few tweaks and changed that icon.


  • New app icon. I think you’re going to love it. The old one was… well… old.
  • Bolder fonts! To boldly go where many fonts have gone before. OK, that was bad.
  • iOS 11 fixes and improvements. Boring.
  • Thanks to iOS 11 you can now pause and un-pause the app, when playing, from your Apple Watch. Yes, I was surprised to see it. Love it!
  • Fixed some weirdness that would occur on the iPad. Also boring… yet satisfying to fix… finally.
  • Made the app size smaller by removing a couple of things and making optimisations. Well, it optimised itself pretty well to be honest!
  • If you’ve used the app for a while, after updating, it may or may not ask you to leave a review. Please do :) Don’t worry, nothing pesky there!

Naming change

The app used to have ‘Baby Soother’ at the end, I now removed that.

After reading reviews and getting feedback it became clear that more and more people are using the app for themselves. How could I be so short sighted? Anyway, keeping it minimal. I’ve got some nice updates for version 3 planned to make that even more universal.

Update on version 3:

In the last release notes I mentioned that I will stop working on version 2 of the app.

I am working on two new apps which are coming soon, when they are ready. I’ll be announcing more soon on those. Once they are complete I’ll be heading back around to version 3 of the app.

Happy calming and sleeping!

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