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Code Challenge - Day 8. Burning the midnight oil, loud music and good progress.

I didn’t get the chance to write this up earlier, it was 02:00 AM by the time I finished and decided to call it a day. Since the past year or so I try not to stay awake too late, although… I like the peace and quiet so I can concentrate.

Friday wasn’t a good day to be productive, aimlessly clicking around and reading some articles. However, I feel I made good progress yesterday (and this morning) to make up for it.

My Attendees page

I wanted a simple list view for all attendees. Not like the ‘My Events’ page, which has a big and bold look, as I knew that there will be many entries. So I created a condensed list showing basic details - Name, Email and events they are part of. There will also be a search bar, so you can look up details.

This is what I came up with:

I’m planning to add some controls to the top right that will allow you to sort the display of the results. Either by name or events.

There are a few things I want to tweak especially when the screen size gets smaller, but that is something I’ll tackle a little later on in the project. I’m OK to go into beta with rough edges, as it should be, and want to make sure what I code meets my expectations and keeps true what I’m designing here. There will be areas that will probably change along the way as I find better ways to do things.

Create a new attendee

This one was simple and that is the way I wanted it. Down the line I want to add the feature to book people/clients directly to a time slot or just enter their details directly to an event. Adding them here is just one way to do exactly that. Perhaps not a feature that is required just yet, but good to have. Not to mention, being able to use the design on other parts of the site.

I’ll show a list of events that are upcoming or current if you wanted to add them directly to one or more events. Useful when someone emails you asking to be put on the list.

The edit page for these will look slightly different, but I haven’t decided on the best way to display this yet. I have an idea though.

Account Profile & Settings

Didn’t think I would work on these but here we are. I’m yet to decide if I should have a profile page or not and perhaps just merge it to ‘Settings’. Nice to have separate though.

The idea of the profile page is to enter a ‘display name’ that people can see when they load up the public URL for the event, including showing a small profile image of the organiser. This could be an individual or a business… or whatever. It’s optional at this stage so not required as such. I’m also planning to make a feature where you can hide these details on the public URL on an event by event basis - or perhaps override it if with different details.

Couldn’t resist that image!

The settings page will only contain an ‘email’ box and some other settings that are yet to be added.

I think that’s easy to follow.

Planning to add a ‘Date Format’ section here too… I know that people like their dates differently, so good to have that as a setting. I do want to add an on-boarding process that will set this as you first log in after registering.

I didn’t touch billing yet.

If you change the email address and hit save, you’ll see a how I plan to display a success message… try it.

Closing notes

Whilst I was working on it, it became apparent how more complex everything is becoming in terms of making sure that all the correct pages are there and that I don’t miss anything. On top, I’m getting ideas for features… which is good and bad. For now though, I write them down in TaskPaper to keep track. I’m still pushing for beta by day 30 or 40 so I don’t want to add too much workload at this stage… the only downside that I can see is huge database changes. Hope to mitigate that a little though by keeping conservative with features and true to ‘simple’.

I already sketched out the ‘Event View’ page that will give you a breakdown of the event so I hope to work on that next.

Seeing the attendee list makes me want to redo the events list a little, but not too sure yet.

Another thing I need to think about now is adding the view for ‘Credits’ you have on the account when creating events (the paid feature). Not sure why I haven’t thought of it earlier… but it needs to be there for launch. Beta users and early supporters will have a lifetime free account.

Hope to have another big push the next few days and get it as close to “design” complete over the course of the week.

Also forgot that I need to work on email templates… arrrgghhh!

As always you can view the above pages here:

I wrote this article mainly for myself to follow along when I look back at it at some stage. If you like to contribute, please email me or let me know via There is also the Simple Schedule holding site where you can sign up for a beta.

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