Vincent Ritter

Gluon - Evening 1 Progress

Just concluded my first evening working on Gluon, my iOS and Android app.

Whilst I don't have a design nailed as of yet, I managed to work on the app icon and the login screen. I have an idea where I'd like to take the app in terms of design, however this will fall into place a little later during the week.

I've stuck with base system fonts and super basic styling for today.

Manton was kind enough to reply quickly to my email, to allow log in via the app using an email address registered on Thanks Manton!

With that, it was super easy to implement the API calls necessary to receive an authorisation token. This is stored securely in the Keychain. At the moment, every time the app opens it will check if it has this set, if so you will go directly to the "Home" screen. If not, you're presented with the "Auth" screen.

I implemented a really basic button to clear my user token from the keychain, which takes me back to the "Auth" screen. Handy when developing!

Here's a screenshot of the Auth screen:

Simple for now. Will require tweaks as I go, but I'm happy with it at the moment.

The app checks if you enter a valid email address or if it's an App Token that you already set up. If either is the case, the login button enables and it does the necessary calls to the API.

Here is a screenshot after you have filled in your email:

Just a bit of feedback for the user of what is going on. I also show a "Try Again" button which basically resets the form so you can... try again.

I'll need to add error handling, in case the email doesn't exist or any error occurs. Another thing I want to implement is a loading state of when there is a call to the API. Just a bit of feedback for the user.

I'll also add a link to so you can register there... now that I uploaded the screenshots and read the intro text 😱🤫

That's it for now.