Vincent Ritter

Gluon - Evening 4 Update

Today I focused mainly on the profile screen. It's important and it's also important that it's up to date.

I rewrote some of the feed logic and also encountered a few bugs that I had to fix. However, I'm happy to report that I pretty much completed the profile section. There are bits missing like follow count and a link to the 'following' section, so I'll get to it at some stage this week.

So, both the logged in user profile is set and hooked up including anyone being mentioned in a post or anyone you happen to tap on in your feed. Right, here we go:

And one more for good measure:

It also works on Android:

Also looks great with a black and white profile image:

And a profile with a bigger bio:

Excuse the red. It's different. I'm planning to do something special with themes though at some stage. So if someone doesn't like seeing red... I understand. More a pinky red anyway 😁

All profiles you look at will have basic data locally stored, so it's quick to open if you happen to go back at some stage. I pull 10 posts (for the moment - I'll increase it to 25). I couldn't implement the loading logic for older posts as I think there is a bug in the API. I have raised this on the Slack channel. Anyway, as soon as you have loaded anything from cache, it will go ahead and grab the latest it can find - this updates any data and also updates all of the latest posts. It's pretty nice and seems to work quite quickly.

For the actual user profile (the logged in one, in the app) I'm going to add a settings header/icon that will open settings for you including some other settings. I know that in the image above there is a "Settings" tab. That will be gone! This is for me for testing purpose, allowing me to clear all cache, all user data (currently logged in user) and of course a logout button which takes me back to the login screen. It's useful as I'm making sure I start from a clean slate and that it loads and sets everything properly.

I have plans, in the distant future, to add something extra special to the user icon on the home screen. If there is a use case for it... I won't say what it is, but you can probably guess.

Ah yes, profile images. So... the API returns the avatar url without a problem, but when it comes to the Gravatar images, they seem to be super tiny. I wanted large profile images. So, I have to check if the URL is a Gravtar one and change the query string to grab a different size, if it's not from there I just leave it alone. Needs better testing though.

I also added link support to each post item. If it's a URL, I check where it goes and try and see if it's a user. If so, you got to the user profile page. If it's a link to something else I open up a Safari window that slides up. I'm planning to detect any links going to the Discover pages at some stage too, so that it loads within the app - might make that a user setting.

That's it for today. I'm pretty tired. I've had some weird head cold since Friday night and it's affecting my ability to sleep, hence I'm coding so late/early.

I'm not sure what I'll work on next, it will either be conversation view or I'll look at getting mentions and favourites working in the tab bar.

I'd love to get it up on TestFlight this week at some stage. It will certainly still be in active development but I think it would be great to get it into the wild to see what people think so far.