Vincent Ritter

Gluon - Progress Update 5

I'm going to keep this one short. A bit overdue from this very early A.M.

Progress has been steady, I worked a lot on getting the feeds to work better on initial load when logging in. Once you login, I used to call the 'posts/all' API endpoint to grab a bit more details for the user, here I said to take no posts as I didn't need them... however, as it was doing the call anyway I thought I should grab the posts there and then and save them. This reduces the amount of calls on initial login, plus it gives you your timeline fast once you are presented with the home screen! Before this change I called the 'posts/all' endpoint to save user data (like the avatar url) and then moved onto the home screen with your feed. Here I then load that exact call again but this time with posts. Inefficient.

Next I worked on getting images to load quicker across the board. All images are lazy loaded and cached locally. I'm happy I did this as my initial implementation was too slow and render blocking. I didn't like that. Android still needs a bit of work here but I'm happy it's actually working there too.

Another small tweak was how you navigate to a user profile, and then another one when you tap on a mention or something like this. When you tap on your own name, it actually takes you to the profile screen too.

Tapping on the tab bar icons, where you have any sort of feed, will scroll you to the top of the timeline. I know I know... every app does that anyway... so here we are.

To be honest, is was pretty early in the morning by the time I finished all of this... took me a long time, but was totally worth it. Anyway, I also started adding mentions, discover and favourites. So those are now in.

Here are some screenshots of the Discover section and Home Feed:

The Discover section is not final at all, I just wanted to get the API hooked up and the feed showing.

Another note about the Discover timeline is that it always grabs all posts that the API returns, this then saves it locally. When you reload, or it reloads itself, it will just override those posts with a new set - no flicker, promise. It's a bit limited but I guess that is the point of the discover section.

Also worth mentioning that the tab bar and icons are not final.

I have a TestFlight up that is waiting approval from the App Store team, I hope this happens between today and tomorrow so I can get the app into the hands of a few people.

My intentions for today are to work on conversation view and work on getting the images to show nicely. I'll also try and implement the favouriting to a post. I'm yet to figure out how to lay it out without messing around with the clean look. I do like swipe gestures but I feel the years of deleting email and messages just tells me swiping is for deleting stuff... Maybe just me going even more crazy. If you have suggestions or opinions, let me know.

And one more thing, I tested the app out in the wild today - seems to work nicely even with poor connectivity. I'll need to implement something that stops the loading bar from showing when it can't connect.