Vincent Ritter

Gluon - App Update 6 (or 7 if you include the last post)

It was a good day, although slow on the development front. I'm happy I got the TestFlight out today. Feels good! You can read about it here.

This evening/early morning (it's now 4 A.M. for me) I started work on getting the "Reply" functionality in. It's not there on the design front... but it works! I did have one failed attempt because I was encoding the HTML, but I didn't have to! Whoops.

Here is a screenshot of the in progress/still in design reply view:

That reminds me, I also implemented the conversation view. Here you will see the whole conversation with all replies to the given post. There is also a "reply" button for any post. This doesn't show for the actual user that is logged in.

I'll work on the controls even more as I'm not happy with the design. My main concern was replying, so I'm thrilled it works!

It's my intention to surface controls for replying, favouriting and deleting (if it's your post that you can delete) on a long press of the post on any screen. I'd like to hide as many controls as possible. I'll think of a few ways to tackle that though.

Tomorrow evening I'll work on better styling for the "Reply" screen and also get some other functionality added. I'd also like to tackle the image viewing... so it's a much better experience for everyone.

One step at a time 😁