Vincent Ritter

Gluon for - New build is up (20181121.1)

I just pushed out an update to all TestFlight users and Android alpha testers.

Not a big release and mainly a behind the scene update. These updates are for both platforms unless otherwise stated.

What's changed:

  • Android - This now includes a better icon, loading splash screen and a correct name.
  • Images now render with correct aspect ratios, and if you're on iOS (for now) they also render within the post content as it is intended by the user. Android will do this soon, there is a bug... which I'm trying to figure out.
  • On initial login, Mentions and Favourites are now pre-loaded. Which means you can get to your posts quicker.
  • I tweaked the username styling, and now appears bolder.
  • Post content is slightly larger now.
  • Added bold styling when the HTML includes this. Makes it look nicer overall.
  • Fixed some other spacing issues (hopefully)

Here is a screenshot of the images inline (iOS only for now) with correct ratios:

The images, and the way they load, is still experimental and it needs tweaking. The process of checking the ratios is slow at the moment.

I'll be working on a few more things this week and can't wait to show you what is in store. It's a small feature, but I reckon useful to a few users. Especially now that I signed up for an extra account... oh wait... did I say that out loud?

Android build is still propagating (I love that word!), but should be there soon... I hope.

Enjoy and, as usual, check out Trello for a bug list and other things: