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Gluon - opening more TestFlight spots, calling all Android testers

I’m extremely happy I took time to rebuild Gluon from scratch. It was totally worth it! Whilst there are still features missing from version 1.0 of the app, I think it has caught up and is ahead in pretty much everything.


I have opened more spots on TestFlight, which you can get to here if you want to help test the app. I get some great feedback, and I usually respond to everyone personally. Here is a direct link also if you want to copy and paste the URL:

There were 100 spots initially, which have all been taken. A huge thank you to those who actively use Gluon 🤩


With the iOS TestFlight back in swing, I’m looking for Android testers. I do already have a few emails, but please email me again:

The Android version still needs some TLC, but I think it’s at 95% in sync with the iOS version. Pretty happy about that and thought that I would only be at 80%.

Gluon works all the way down to 7.1 - so let me know.

The biggest improvement compared to the last build is that the app now feels way faster than the last version. This was one of the many contributing factors that made me pull the app in the first place.

I’m panning to push the button on the Android build some time this week.

Rest of the week

This week I will be concentrating on Replying and Posting, with replies coming first. I may have another feature that I’ll pursue, but I’ll get to that. For the eagle eyed, you may know what that could be (hint: something was introduced in the last TestFlight build).

Again, a huge shoutout to everyone that is helping and also a huge thank you for all your amazing comments.

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