Vincent Ritter

Gluon for Android - new build available… finally!

I’m happy to say that the new build for Android is now available.

This brings the app to the same state as iOS with a few specific tweaks to work around the differences between the platforms.

It’s not perfect and I already found a few issues, but they’re not deal breakers!

I’ll be emailing everyone, that emailed me, with a new link.

Due to some early mistakes, I had to create a new app on the Play Store, which can be confusing. Please uninstall the old app, if you’re running it, before installing the new one. I also renamed the old one and added a big “[DEPRECTAED]”.

Anyway, I’m happy the way it works now and it clears a way for the future release.

Also note that the app is now on an “internal test track” which means that updates will come pretty much instantly… however I can only invite 100 testers to this.