Vincent Ritter

So last week I changed the name for “Gluon for” to “Gluon: social micro-blogging” just to get it past App Store review. After reading all your comments about the initial rejection and letting it sit over the weekend, I changed it back to "Gluon for”. The app is still “Waiting for Review” - has been like this for a few days with no movement.

I left a longer reply in the “Notes” field for the reviewer… I made my case why it’s important that it’s there and gave a few example of apps that use terms likes this: “Apollo for Reddit”, “Tweetbot 5 for Twitter” etc. I also emphasised how it would negatively impact app discovery for the community.

”Gluon for” is the right name for the app. It’s to the point and doesn’t mislead for whom it’s for. Using any other name without including the all important “” name makes Gluon completely worthless (for me). Gluon would not exist if it wasn’t for Saying it was something else really doesn’t sit well with me.

I just hope they don’t go ahead and freeze my developer account over this.