Vincent Ritter

Worked on a few tweaks for Gluon on iOS today. Waiting for the TestFlight build to be approved for testing. Not too many changes as I want to bring the store version up to date in the next week (because the current TestFlight version has many more changes).

Namely focused on the mute list/filter. It’s way faster now and you don’t have to wait so much anymore! I would love to say a 1000% increase in speed 😋 I rewrote the way the posts are filtered because I rushed it a bit when Apple flagged it up and they wanted it within the app. Anyway, happy with the result.

Also added a review link at the bottom of the settings page, which takes you to the App Store.

Hopefully will land in your laps soon.

Also want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to every single one of you that rated the app and wrote a review so far! ❤️