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Gluon — iOS 2021.1 update now available.

They say you should ship software on a Monday, and here we are... I did! Now technically it's Tuesday as I write this. ANYWAY!

I'm super happy to announce the first update to hit your fruity phones for this year, and don't worry Android is coming soon too!

This release has mainly concentrated on the Discover screen, including some bugs. There are always bugs... always will be!

So here goes:

  • New challenge screen, showing a little bit more information including profiles when words were suggested. Also adds a calendar link, if it's available, for the photo challenges.
  • Ability to "pin" discover emoji topics to the discover timeline. Just long press on the topic in the Discover More section and you’ll get a little star to the top left — that means it is pinned. Find them on the main discover timeline. Long press to remove.
  • Native privacy focused, and friendly, promoted content in the discovery sections. These are run by me, using Sublime Ads (I made it for this purpose), for people on Have a look and see what you think. There is an option to disable them in settings for 5 days. If you have supported me in the past, via a donation, let me know and I can add a little toggle to disable them forever on the Discover timeline.
  • Micro Monday profile tweaks, giving you a nice overview and you can listen/subscribe to the podcast. Go to Discover -> More (top right) and then find the Micro Monday section.
  • Inline images. You can now inline images in the compose window when creating a new post, if you have a hosted account. It's simple, but I hope you like it. Just tap the image after it uploaded and select the inline option. And nope, Gluon will never say "Uploaded by Gluon" with a link.
  • Fixes an image bug when tapping on a post with multiple images — now the correct image is shown/scrolled to.
  • Fixes a potential issue when you reply to someone, but the text is cut off. This is mainly because you may have a large following count.

And that's it everyone. Super excited that I got this out for you. I hope you enjoy it and hope it doesn't mess things up for you haha.

As always, thanks so much to everyone that has been following along and gave me feedback. You're the best ✌️❤️

If you want to get your podcast or other interesting thing into the Discover Promoted Content section, let me know: [email protected].

You'll need to be active on and preferably not a big business (because they usually ruin the world... I mean just look at Appl... I mean the EMPIRE... I mean... damn... you know what I mean!).

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