Vincent Ritter

Pushed out another small update to Gluon TestFlight, with more tweaks to Timeline sync.

Unfortunately I am at the stage where I am having limitations and framework bugs that make it near impossible of what people want. Might have to rethink it more. React Native is powerful, but something like this really throws stuff out the window quickly considering JavaScript can only run on one thread (which sucks) = SLOW.

Saying that, I am happy to have laid groundwork for all of this. The marker is synced across devices… which is nice.

I don’t want the experience to suck, which it certainly does if there is a long list of items that you haven’t caught up on…

I am torn.

The right thing to do is to just mark it for now, and let you manually scroll via a button interaction. So much to decide.

The awesomeness may just have to wait for the rewrite.