Vincent Ritter

🎙 #29 - When you tap, and nothing happens.

Abstract Development

Getting an update ready for Gluon... oh and I started a Discord server just for giggles.

Thinking of a new podcast just specific to Gluon releases... because that is all I seem to do here on this one... blah blah blah.

Talking about Gluon. It's become apparent that a lot of people seem to use the app, more than I have initially thought. Which is nice of course.

A side project has landed on my desk. Hooray. Building it in Ruby on Rails. It's motivating me to start my other personal side project to take on HEY World. And nope, not talking about Basecamp.

And then we're back talking about... YESSSSSS... Gluon! My internal struggle with adopting SwiftUI or not continues, especially with everything going on in the Apple world these days.

And nope, interstellar travel does not exist.

Client work is important, but more important is family life... which sometimes I just mess up. I touch on this a little and give myself a financial check where I'm at if everything just went south.

Recorded May 19th, 2021.


Duration: 00:14:07

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