Vincent Ritter

Sublime Ads Update - View Tracking

This is a feature that has been requested since day one of starting Sublime Ads, and it's been available since launch... but it was never documented, nor was it fully complete. No more.

I'm happy to announce that in addition of tracking your "taps" you can now also track the amount of "views" an embedded ad receives.

Just like taps, views is just a simple counter that gets triggered. It is privacy preserving and holds no user data. It's just a "view" and that is it.

Some people might just find this useful to measure performance (I don't like using that word) of a given category and/or ad.

Views can be triggered via the API, check out the documentation here. In addition to using the API, views can be tracked via the Sublime Ads Embed option on your website. Check out the documentation here for that.

Views are opt-in by you and are not enabled by default when using the embed option.

To see "views" all you have to do is go to the homepage and select the "Show views" option in your statistics graph, next to the date picker - you can toggle between taps and views as needed. There are plans to have some sort of combined view at some stage. These stats are also available for each individual ad and category, so you can get into more details as needed.

I think this might be a very welcome feature for anyone that relies on this data.

That's it for now.

Happy coding and embedding!

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