Vincent Ritter

šŸŽ™ #34 - I was in a weird place

Yes, here I am again after some months of downtime. And yes, I probably get all the months wrong in the episode.

A quick update on my relationship with, what I'm working on... and the lack of updates - thank you screenshot crash on Android.

Diving into hybrid app development... liking it.

I realised that recording at home is somewhat difficult. So I'm back in the car with my trusty phone and terrible acoustics.

Our daughter started school, so it's all new to us. Spending loads of money.

My reasoning for not recording, getting into a weird spot. Embracing the colder climate and days.

I tease my winter plan for Sublime Ads and all the things I am working on.

Recorded November, 16th 2021.


Duration: 00:09:35

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