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Post short thoughts or long essays, share photos, all on your own blog. makes it easy, and provides a friendly community where you can share and engage with others. is the brain child of Manton Reece. He contacted me in 2021 to help him work on it and bring my skills to it. Can’t wait to see what this relationship brings in the long term. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and hope to blog more about it here (as one of my own).

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Excited to start something new-ish on, for the website ✌️ You'll have to wait and see what it might be. as a saved web app on Sonoma! Seriously awesome. I can see how it could be tweaked ever so slightly. Happy we took the time to make it look nice across different screen sizes.

One more app related fix we will have for the next iOS update: The post editor now scrolls nicely when the post is super long. Previously it wouldn't let you scroll 😋🤷‍♂️

Some awesome little tweaks coming to the post editor for the app soon. Specifically you can now open the "Uploads" section, grab any previously uploaded media and easily add it to the post, which includes videos and audio with ease. Still working on it, but it's pretty cool.

We're hoping to ship the next version of the app for Android this week also. This will bring it inline with iOS. Some exceptions, for now: Share Extension & syntax highlighting.

I am so happy we can work with React Native and work on one codebase ✌️❀️

If anyone is working on a app, theme and/or plugin, please let me know. I'm working on something "unofficial" over the next few weeks and want to... erm... preview something when it's ready.

Quick! Manton is traveling and I'm working on the iOS app. Anything you'd like me to look at that's a quick one to implement? 😋

Heading out for a walk, clear my head, then working on the app and finish cross-posting logic. Might pick up a beer and have it danger close to my laptop 😋

Currently working on cross-posting options on the app. Because we're cool and hip! 😋

We just shipped a new TestFlight version for the app. Notable changes:

  • Improves caching of user profiles and should update more reliably
  • Correctly handle upload locations when changing sites in "Uploads"
  • Dynamic type change should now trigger a timeline reload on all screens
  • and more... is hopping along nicely again. Thanks for your patience. We fixed the troubled server. should be back to serving the site without errors.

Errors occurred when the load balancer (the server that distributes traffic across different machines) picked the broken app/web server. Working on this one right now.

Hosted websites are not, and were not, affected ✌️

Sorry for intermittent connection issues to Looking into it.

If it's worth anything: Timeline Sync on has been discussed at length for some time now internally, we know what needs doing to make it happen across the app, web and api at the same time. However it will take time. New app first. Go from there ✌️❀️

Next up, working on XML-RPC posting for the new app. That will transition to Micropub based sites too, which naturally will include IndieAuth.