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Post short thoughts or long essays, share photos, all on your own blog. makes it easy, and provides a friendly community where you can share and engage with others. is the brain child of Manton Reece. He contacted me in 2021 to help him work on it and bring my skills to it. Can’t wait to see what this relationship brings in the long term. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and hope to blog more about it here (as one of my own).

Project posts JSON/RSS Feed... is more than a pretty good blog hosting platform. It’s the distillation of everything I know and care about for the web. I hope to be working on it for many years to come.

— Manton's updated about page. Great stuff!

If anyone has noticed, last week we replaced the little profile pop-ups on with rewritten ones. These were done with AlpineJS under the hood, but I went ahead and replaced that with Stimulus. They work so much nicer and way easier to work with now. is back up and running 🥳

We're fixing at the moment. We've identified the issue. And yes, I woke up Manton 😋 Poor guy... although was hoping to hear his groggy voice. is currently down. I will try and revive it when I am back from the school run... so at least 1 hour from now.

Hey folks on, looks like one of the servers wasn't happy so you would have seen intermittent 502 errors. That's now fixed. Will keep monitoring.

Well, happy to report that Strata for Android is coming along super nicely. Everything is working. Needs some icon love now and a bit of polish (although it's looking fantastic already). Man, I love React Native for this very reason! More soon ✌️❤️

Working on Strata for for the next week or so and will bring it to Android. Can't wait to get this finally started — I waited too long.

Happy to report that the iOS Share Extension now works a treat! No more crashes every other time 🥳 Hopefully there will be an update out soon with the fix. It didn't require a full rewrite.

Probably going to rewrite most of the share extension code for the iOS App. Have been banging my head about it all morning with no "easy" win. Sigh.

For the folks using it, it should solve the "every other time I open it, it crashes" issue.

Alrighty! Time to spend on that "secret" project 🫣 Let's go!

I broke into MB HQ and have found the secret project they're working on. Here is a quick screen grab of the app I found running on one of the laptops.

Colour me excited!

Considering some of my comments yesterday on fixing bugs on, just know that there is a nearly daily fix being pushed out for small things (sometimes bigger). I know some are forgotten, but we'll get there — @manton always has fixes going out and you'll see them mostly through @news ✌️

Here is a screenshot of the secret project I'm working on with @manton... (mainly Manton though, I'm only working on the app). Can you see it? Oh wait... it's so secret... where is the screenshot? Seems it's gone 🤷‍♂️ Ah damn, I said there will be an app. Damn! Sorry. Back to my code. Bye.