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A no nonsense blogging and social network ready for the 21st century with an amazing community of real people. A network of independent microblogs, with replies, conversations, and a timeline to follow friends, backed by strong community guidelines. is the brain child of Manton Reece. He contacted me in 2021 to help him work on it and bring my skills to it. Can’t wait to see what this relationship brings in the long term. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and hope to blog more about it here (as one of my own).

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Working on a new registration layout for Not done yet and a lot more to do. Fun to show a "work in progress"!!! though 😋

Going to try and get out a new beta to the Android version of next week. Just a few minor bug fixes for now.

Digging the print styles on!

Alcohol free beer is open. code is open. What can go wrong?

This looks 🤩

Glass of wine to celebrate something we’ve been working on 🤪

Some minor tweaks to the interface. Now showing profile images on a profile. Looks nice and is closer to what we have for the official apps also. Happy with this small tweak.

Trust me when I say that, even if all seems very quiet, that there is always development happening (mainly by @manton 😋). Not a week goes by without little tweaks, fixes and new stuff. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it ain’t happening ✌️❤️

One of the nice things about developing for is that you find lots of new people to follow 😋

Continuing work with the Android app this week. Today I hooked up Tagmoji to the Discover screen. Tomorrow I will work on navigating to those sections.

It’s Monday ✉️❤️

Tomorrow is Monday ✉️✌️

Hello, world! This is the first test post from for Android 👋

Putting in a little bit extra effort with setting up posting on the Android app. Hopefully that’ll pay off in future (past version 1.0).

Worked on the follow and unfollow logic today for the Android app. Also added the "following" screen.

Next up is posting (I think).