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The fastest way to blog and a network of independent microblogs, with replies, conversations, and a timeline to follow friends, backed by strong community guidelines. is the brain child of Manton Reece. He contacted me in 2021 to help him work on it and bring my skills to it. Can’t wait to see what this relationship brings in the long term. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and hope to blog more about it here (as one of my own).

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Approaching 4AM. Yum. A bit of sleep and tomorrow I work on the app 😍

This graph tells you a lot of how absolutely smashing Linode is:

The spots with no graph line = no service.

They should get an award for the most unreliable service of this decade.

Ah, Wednesday morning. once again affected by our lovely hosting company. They're doing "emergency" maintenance work in the datacenter. All services might be affected by this. Will monitor.

Quick update on what is affected on MB:

  • The main web app, which includes app and third party access.
  • Hosted blogs might intermittently be down also.

All traffic is routed via Load Balancers, and they're having issues, so requests are not coming through 🤬😞

Hello gang... There are intermittent connection issues to this morning. This is an issue with our hosting provider... AGAIN. Nothing we can do except wait.

Ooo, I forgot I added a hidden feature to the latest beta for the app 😏🥸

Sorry for some intermittent issues with this morning. I've got an eye on it 👀

Following up on my post, I also added API endpoints to be able to set your timeline preferences (and get them)... great for developers to keep some of these settings in sync with

Not promising anything... and needs more testing... but...

Following up to Manton's post on the new version for beta 3 on iOS, here are the changes:

  • Better progress indicator for images that are uploading.
  • Added dedicated bookmarks tab.
  • Better delete wording, when tapping on an image in the post editor, when image is still uploading.
  • When images are still uploading, but the "Post" button is pressed, it will show a warning saying images are still uploading.
  • Fixed a layout issue in the account switcher when more than 2 accounts are available.
  • Fixes an issue when tapping a link in a post, that should go to the "Account" section of Previously it opened a conversation view. Now it opens the external browser with the URL - note that you should first be logged in to open the correct page.
  • Adds dynamic font scaling to the timelines.
  • Adds support for editing and deleting replies (currently editing replies might not work... I'm looking into it).
  • Fixes an issue when the reply screen sometimes doesn't show the username you're replying to.

One feature I added a few weeks ago, to the iOS beta app (not yet available in the latest build), is dynamic font sizes for the timeline views. It worked on Android already, but iOS is "special".

Coming soon to the app (beta), replies and other goodies. Just been tidying up a few bits this evening. folks, there is an issue with our hosting provider, so requests are not coming through on our load balancer. The actual site is up on all servers, but the problem is routing traffic from the node balancer to our servers. We're monitoring.

We'll hopefully have the 2nd beta out for the app, on iOS TestFlight, soon. Been working on feedback this week. Should fix:

  • Push notifications opening correctly on cold boot
  • microblog://post?text= URL's working
  • Showing blog name in post toolbar
  • and more...

Whilst we've been mainly concentrating on the iOS part of the app, for, we are at 100% feature parity between both platforms (Android & iOS). All the tweaks and internal feedback will come over via an update to Android too... just saying 😋