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Post short thoughts or long essays, share photos, all on your own blog. makes it easy, and provides a friendly community where you can share and engage with others. is the brain child of Manton Reece. He contacted me in 2021 to help him work on it and bring my skills to it. Can’t wait to see what this relationship brings in the long term. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and hope to blog more about it here (as one of my own).

Project posts JSON/RSS Feed...

Alrighty! Time to spend on that "secret" project 🫣 Let's go!

I broke into MB HQ and have found the secret project they're working on. Here is a quick screen grab of the app I found running on one of the laptops.

Colour me excited!

Considering some of my comments yesterday on fixing bugs on, just know that there is a nearly daily fix being pushed out for small things (sometimes bigger). I know some are forgotten, but we'll get there β€” @manton always has fixes going out and you'll see them mostly through @news ✌️

Here is a screenshot of the secret project I'm working on with @manton... (mainly Manton though, I'm only working on the app). Can you see it? Oh wait... it's so secret... where is the screenshot? Seems it's gone 🤷‍♂️ Ah damn, I said there will be an app. Damn! Sorry. Back to my code. Bye.

I like going through the whole discover curation timeline on Every other post is about "Defaults" 🤣

Again huge apology that's main service was offline for 2 hours 😬 I notified Manton around 15 mins into it. Due to the nature of it, we decided it's best handled by him... especially to avoid data loss (in worst case)... but first he had to get to the hotel 😋

All A-OK now.

Hosted sites were not affected, except some avatar images.

I'll be monitoring for a few hours more.

Site serving seems to be more stable now... will monitor for another few hours before bed time ❀️ Happy with the way things are looking though!

Sorry for the intermittent downtime for hosted blogs on Seems there is a lot of bot traffic (from what I can see). Sigh. For now I've tweaked the way traffic distributes between the servers (that host the static sites) and see if things are improving.

We're seeing intermittent issues with hosted blogs on right now. Still monitoring due to a high load on the main servers. How my reloads show the pages at the moment:

  • Blank
  • HTML only but no styles
  • Full content and styles, but no uploaded images
  • Fully working
  • Back to step one


I'm aware of issue on and am monitoring for at least an hour now. Will provide an update when I can.

Getting pretty close with the share intent/extension on Android for Everything is working. Going through some minor bugs I found. Perhaps this is ready sooner than later ✌️❀️

Spending some time to get the Android app share intent/extension working. It's passing data nicely and also shows up in the share sheet now, including for images via Google Photos (as an example).

Lots more work to do though.

We've been a little late on updating the Android app for That's on me. I know it's been 4 weeks since the last update (‼️)... We're gonna push out a new version this week with all the latest goodies. Also fixes an issue with not being able to activate push notifications on Android 13.

Another update on the image outage: This is now a confirmed issue with the upstream provider.