Vincent Ritter

šŸŽ™ #1 - An introduction. 2 minutes.

In this episode I welcome you to a short session of doing absolutely nothing. No, not full on meditation... just sitting, do what you want, as long as it's nothing.

We do a 2 minute session to get us all started with a quick stretch of your neck, or whatever it takes to get us relaxed.

Thanks, and hope you enjoy.


Also, I want to apologise for the pops at the start - I don't fly aeroplanes anymore, so no idea what came over me. Less popping as we progress.


  • [00:00 - 03:54] - An introduction to the podcast and the why.
  • [03:54 - 08:25] - Let's start. Getting ready to do nothing for 2 minutes.
  • [08:25 - end] - Thank you, see you next time.

Duration: 00:08:58

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