Vincent Ritter

The Gluon Focus Challenge

Gluon, on iOS, shipped with a new Focus feature that gives you a little break from your timeline by disabling everything except mentions.

So I though, why not do a little challenge.

Starting May 1st, 2022, try to enable Focus Mode and stick with it for 7 days. So from Sunday to Sunday.

It's super easy to get started and for most you all you have to is navigate to your profile and you'll see the toggle at the top of it - just... toggle it.

Alternatively, head on over to the settings screen and find Focus mode (or you can tap on the "focus mode" text on the profile). Here you'll have a few options:

When Focus mode is enabled you have an extra options to hide all the tabs in the interface and only show mentions. Let's call this hardcore focus mode for now. Once toggled, Gluon will look like this:

Everything works as normal, except that you're only going to see your mentions. I think that's the best way to do it.

You can always toggle focus mode straight on your profile. Posting also works straight from the mentions screen.

So, what do you think? You're going to do it?

I will, and I welcome you to give it a try.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MICRO.BLOG MAY PHOTO CHALLENGE? Don't worry, it'll still be there and there will be a special section so you can see everything that was submitted. One thing I love about nothing disappears in the abyss.

Happy focusing šŸ§˜ā€ā™‚ļø

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