Vincent Ritter

We've deployed tweaks to the profile pop-ups on I'm pretty happy with them. It's been a little longer detour than I expected.

Main features:

  • Better handling when hovering over trigger points - username & avatar. Now it'll wait a few milliseconds before opening. So it'll no longer disturb your flow. It has to be a deliberate intention to open it. If you keep in the same spot, it'll show. If you move on, it won't show.
  • Moving out of a trigger point closes the pop-up if you haven't hovered into it, automatically. Otherwise it's the same logic as before.
  • Works on conversations. Was half missing (my bad!) 🙄

We might tweak the time it takes for the pop-up to appear, but we'll keep it like this, as is, for a while.

It's always helpful to deploy something like this and get feedback... and live with it for a bit - then adjust here and there to make it right.

Thank you all for the good feedback and also criticism ✌️❤️

If you'd like to see anything else, let me know.

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