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Sublime Ads - Introducing Clients and other nice tweaks

I've jumped back into Sublime Ads over the past few weeks to work on a few features that I wanted.

One of those features, which had a few requests, was to allow adding Clients.

Clients allow you to keep your ads together with a client, which not only helps you keep organised, but also gives you quick glanceable overview of how well they're doing. Which is useful if you want to give reports to your paying customers (or free in my case).

It's super easy to get started and there is a nice write up in the documentation.

I made this a PRO feature. One of these days I'll probably drop the "pro" naming scheme and come up with something less boring.

This part of the clients section is only the beginning of what you can do with it and I am planning to add more nice features, for example public stat pages for your clients and also having a concept of "balances" meaning you can sell your ads and specify the price and also a running time. Although don't hold your breath here, it will take some time. So maybe next year.

If you don't use Clients, and you find the extra button and data annoying, you can hide this from Sublime Ads by heading on over to Settings where you can disable it. I like options, even though I have strong opinions.

Other bits

Alongside clients I have also made tweaks to the general layout of the site.

This includes slightly wider sections throughout, better list views with alternating row colours, and some slight tweaks to the Settings section. Also added some snark throughout (more coming!). The stats graph now show a little loading indicator as you switch dates or load them... useful to see what's going on.

That's it for now.

One more PRO feature hopefully launching next week.

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